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Better Player Protection: How AI-driven Content Moderation is Improving Player Experiences in Among Us VR

Join Modulate and Schell Games for a focused webinar where you’ll learn best practices for selecting the right content moderation tool for your players and more.

January 16, 2024

1 Hr View

Date: Feb 21, 2024

Duration: 1 Hr

Dive into the heart of VR gaming safety with Modulate and Schell Games! Join us for a focused webinar where you’ll learn best practices for selecting the right content moderation tool for your players, get insights into common implementation challenges and how to avoid them, and discover philosophies and strategies to refine your content moderation practices for your growing audience. 

Register Now to join live on Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 2PM EDT


Mark Frumkin, Director of Account Management at Modulate

Mark Frumkin is Modulate’s Director of Account Management, leading a team in partnering with studios like Activision, Riot, and Rec Room to create safe and inclusive spaces for their communities. As a lifelong player of all kinds of games, from couch co-op to FPS to tabletops, Mark is passionate about encouraging prosocial behavior, healthy competition, and positive interactions wherever people connect with each other.

Laura Norwicke Hall, Senior Player Support Specialist at Schell Games

Laura Norwicke Hall is the Senior Player Support Specialist at Schell Games where she oversees all player support initiatives.

Developing best practices, managing the studio’s player support team, working with development teams to convey player feedback and data from live operations, and leading the studio’s response to support requests and inquiries as well as in-game player moderation and safety are among her chief responsibilities. Laura has over a decade and a half of experience in project management, communications, and media production.

Alexis Miller, Director of Product Management at Schell Games

Alexis Miller is Director of Product Management of Schell Games, where she supports strategic decision-making using analytics and player insights. She excels at implementing complex projects like player safety and leading strategy through quantitative and qualitative data-based decision making. She is passionate about making games more accessible, safe and  inclusive for all different audiences.


GD LogoMark Frumkin

Director of Account Management


GD LogoLaura Norwicke Hall

Senior Player Support Specialist

Schell Games

GD LogoAlexis Miller

Director of Product Management

Schell Games

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