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Our experience as an inexperienced Game Studio: Chapter 5

This is the fifth post about life inside an indie game studio from Colombia. We talk about our challenges, our need to focus, all the hardships as well as all the good things that we go through as game developers.

Victor Albis, Blogger

December 17, 2014

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Our experience as an inexperienced Game Studio



Right after our breakfast meeting, we went back to the office to start working on the game concept, the script and the first sketches on how the story would look like.  Since the idea was to save the largest amount of work from our previous title, we gave a lot of thought to how to include these characters in a new story and give them some protagonism as well as coherence to the plot.

We already had a main character, Yuyu, and now we had to create the story around him.  We also had a rubber duck, a prison ward, and a few other characters of lesser importance which we needed to transform or adapt to an entirely new setting.

First, we had a base concept, a parody, a way to honor other games (which would be chosen later), and we wanted the character to go through their worlds.  So, the first question was:  How on earth, and why, would this guy end up there? 

Well, the most reasonable approach for us was that, he wouldn’t go through this because of an “earthly” reason.  What if he is unwillingly absorbed into the mobile world?  And if so, how did this happen?  What happens once he is inside this alien world? And finally, how will he get out of such a place?


All of the above were taken into consideration, and we finally came up with a script that made sense, that was funny as well, and included the main characters from the previous title.  We quickly created some sketches on paper, and a basic presentation with four slides with the concept, the characters, and the story.  It was now time to set up our next meeting with David Bergantino.

Not long after, perhaps one day only, we had our meeting with David, our sensei.  He was genuinely concerned about what we would be showing up next, since none of the previous ideas were even close to being interesting, and he knew that we were under a lot of pressure.

The time came to throw the idea at him, and listen to his first reaction.  So, we delivered the concept, and after what felt like an hour, but probably was not any longer than two or three seconds, he said:

“I like it, tell me more “

Do you know that feeling you get, when there´s a moment of tremendous tension, and suddenly is over?  The feeling of relief?  That coming-back-to-life-I’m-glad-I’m-not-drowning-anymore-and-the-oxigen-is-once-again-flowing-into-my-body feeling?  Well, that´s how it felt.

We were once again all smiles, cheering and tapping each other on the back.  We were finally back on track and ready to take the challenge of creating a new product. 

But, of course, this was only the beginning of the boat ride.  At least now, we had a boat, and the rows.


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