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New Tool Creates Retro Flashback for Budding Game Designers

A weekend of retro gaming finds a new game design tool.

Benjamin Gifford, Blogger

April 30, 2012

1 Min Read

If your childhood memories include seeing 2d sidescrolling adventures over the weekend and you have students asking you how to get involved iwth game design, I think I found this weekend something to rekindle both fond memories and provide a simple educational tool for designing a game.

I'm talking about a new 2d platform game design tool that is now available to try out free from Gamefroot

Build instantly playable games online AND on the iPhone, share and play games between your friends and find new ones made from across the world. Fully interactive, scriptable and the cool thing is you need to know nothing about code; it truly is a what you see is what you get interface. You can edit as advanced as you wish, however even the young devs to be can enjoy creating something to play with just a few minutes planning. Use pre-loaded items or alternatively create your own original objects.

While it has the outlook of being just a simple 2d platform, the opportunity to recreate classics such as Contra, Super Mario Bros, Rush n Attack could present a great challenge for a keen game designer to come up with. Although this is not the first game design/publishing platform and tool out there (ie. GameSalad), this one is very easy to use and I'm excited to see just what will be created soon.

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