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Gaming trends to look after in 2017 and beyond

Here we discuss some of the latest gaming trends which could be seen in year 2017 and beyond for the betterment of gaming industry in different ways across the world

tushar grover, Blogger

January 13, 2017

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With the gaming arena full of new gamers having jaw dropping skills which could easily bog their competitors down in the toughest of the games trending across the global markets to take the golden hat of winner, the game developers are trying to make most out of this obsession of gaming from variety of gamers across the world by serving them with top notch games with more intense graphics ,themes and game play which seems to be the need off the hour among all dedicated gaming players across the world .

gaming trends for 2017 and beyond

So come on folks without any further delay lets drool over some of the gaming trends which you would see coming in 2017 and beyond to make your gaming experience more wonderful and enjoyable .

1. Freemium Model is going to rule the gaming industry

We have seen lot of gaming studios coming out and tweaking their games to give the players best possible user experience which could increase the retention time , because it seems to be #1 factor if you want to earn money with Freemium model . As we enter this year it seems many game studios have successfully able to do this by making their games good enough with a great story line to make their main revenue sources go up from in Game purchase and ad revenue.

Taking in consideration previous year numbers ,Its one of the most sought after way which is well responded by consumers as we have seen drop in paid purchase of games and increase in in app purchase last year in games and mobile apps like snapchat, viber, imo for windows etc .

2. AR and VR gaming is going big in future

With the trending games like pokemon go ,super Mario Run, Fallout shelter taking up top spots in app store charts it seems to be a proven fact by now that people like more of Augmented Reality games involving their mind and body completely in the game to get an immersive game play experience .

Virtual reality games development is in the headlines since last year and more initiatives from big giants have been taken to bring in VR compatible hardware and gaming consoles to give the users more fun while playing their favourite games .

We have seen playstation VR ,oculus rift and many more high end VR headsets which came in 2016 to make gaming more lively .moreover not to forget that drone racing games with camera drones have also made use of immersive VR gaming headsets to get a jaw dropping racing experience with your drones which you might not have got in previous years .

3. Console vs pc vs smartphone gaming-which one is perfect for gaming

It’s the question that has been there since past few years and will always remain there as long as the gamers exist.

It can’t be quantified which one is good for gaming, every hardware has its own advantages and audience for it .some people like smartphone more gaming friendly because they may be light gamers but on the other hand some would be gaming obsessed who would like playing on high end consoles and gaming pc with top notch nvidia quadro  graphics having 24 gb of memory on 140 fps 4k monitor to play some real action packed games like far cry 3 or crises etc

But as we move forward in 2017 it has been seen that console and mobile gaming would see a rise in coming few years because people want more quality games to play on go which could be done on mobiles and many new consoles like nintindo 3ds ,PlayStation 4 ,xbox ,switch etc which proved that console gaming is still on rise after selling thousands of units in minutes after the launch .

4. UK is emerging gaming powerhouse

As we move ahead in current year the UK gaming studios are becoming very powerful .From Rockstar north introducing online gta in past year to the stunning and stellar games pulled out by Lionhead each year which have never failed to impress us, we have seen it all .

Many more players have come in UK game development arena which makes it an indisputable fact that you need to buy some cool games directly from them as soon as they are released which can be done without any hassle with the help uk parcel forwarding service which allows you order anything including games and all other items like different cooking resources directly from uk without having any physical mailing address in UK to get it shipped to you at your residence in any place around the world to get your hands on the new games from these awesome gaming studios at the earliest without any delays to break the records and show your powers to world full of gamers .


As we move forward with the evolution of technology ,gaming industry would see its evolution too but not at very high speed .Although many new attempts like streaming games via twitch ,bringing in new consoles ,Introducing AR games like Pokémon go and many more were made in yester years to keep the gamers of the world engaged and keep going but still its just the start of new era which could make the future world of gaming more user friendly ,immersive and relaxing to give its player what they want form the game i.e to win when they put their effort but don’t get disappointed on losing when there’s still room for improvement .

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