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Game Dev Digest Issue #60 - Movement, Improvement and more.

Game Dev Digest Issue #60 - Movement, Improvement and more. The latest from the free weekly Unity3d/gamedev newsletter.

Mike Marrone, Blogger

September 4, 2020

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Issue #60 - Movement, Improvement and more

It's a mixed bag of great content again this week. From narrative design, designing luck, improving visuals, controlling movement, multiplayer and lots more. Enjoy!

Unlock access to over a billion new players for your Android mobile game - The Unity Distribution Portal (UDP) can help you reach the massive international market of players beyond Google Play – all with just one build managed from a single dashboard. [Read more UDP Tips & Tricks on diegogiacomelli.com.br]

Recover Your Performance Juice With Unity Physics AutoSyncTransforms - I'm going to show you the single checkbox-like solution that can save you up to 2 milliseconds of CPU time per frame.
The Gamedev Guru

How to Implement Movement in Different Genres of Games in Unity - In this very moving tutorial, learn how to implement movement from many different genres into your Unity games — both 2D and 3D.

Rolling - This is the 11th and final installment of a tutorial series about controlling the movement of a character. It turns our featureless sphere into a rolling ball.
Catlike Coding

Improving Floating-Point Precision in C# - This tutorial continues the journey to understand floating-point arithmetic, and how to improve the precision of modern programming language types. At the end of this article, you will find a link to download a simple C# library that provides a new type which improves the precision of traditional float and double variables.
Alan Zucconi

TSP with GeneticSharp and Unity3D - In this post I will show how to use GeneticSharp and Unity3D to solve the TSP (Travelling salesman problem).

How to Approach Game Narratives - Whether you’re working alone as a game developer or in a small team, game narrative is important to understand. In this guide, we will tackle a few approaches that will help you break into game narrative. If you’re a programmer, rest assured we will also be doing this in a way that won’t require you to have a deep understanding of things like character arcs, symbolism, pacing, or anything else you’d expect to be lectured about in a literature class.
Cypress Reeves

Firebase Multiplayer Game & Matchmaking in Unity! - I have put together a simple example of a turn-based multiplayer game that uses a custom matchmaking system using Firebase Realtime Database with Unity!
Domenico Rotolo

Unity Releases - Unity versions 2020.1.4 and 2020.2.0 Beta 1 have been released.


Improving Visuals in Unity | Beginner Prototype
Improving Visuals in Unity | Beginner Prototype - Adding the finishing touches to a project is going to bring it to the next level! In this video, we are going to show you a few techniques that can improve the overall feel of your game.

Creating Fire, Smoke & Mist Effects with VFX Graph in Unity! (Tutorial) - In this video, we’re taking a closer look at Visual Effect Graph in Unity 2019.3 and exploring some of the fundamental ideas and concepts to help you get started designing Visual Effects inside of Unity.

Make Awesome Effects with Shader Graph in Unity! - Code Monkey
Wintermute Digital

Designing Luck | How Loot Distributions Work - Getting an ultra rare, overpowered piece of loot in a video game is a super rewarding feeling that I'm sure most of you are familiar with. What even is a loot distribution? This video is the second "abstract" game devlog video, and goes over the mathematical underpinnings of weighted discrete probability distributions, and shows a surprisingly simple running sum based algorithm to implement it in code.
Wintermute Digital

Custom Cursor with Input System - Unity 2020 Tutorial - Learn how to make a custom cursor using Unity's new input system.

How To Connect Using Steam - nity Multiplayer Tutorial.
Dapper Dino

My Flow Field Pathfinding with Unity DOTS/ECS
Turbo Makes Games


HUMBLE SOFTWARE BUNDLE: MEGA SOUND DESIGNER LOOP CRATE - On the heels of our Our Sounds. Your Movies. Professional Video and Audio Creation bundle that just ended, we bring you award-winning music recording softwares built by musicians for musicians and over 13,000 royalty free loops and samples from industry veterans Acoustica, Cherry Audio, and Soundtrack Loops. Mix and match their sounds to create your own original soundtrack to life.

Humble Bundle Affiliate

Real time Matrix VFX implemeted in Shaders in Unity using Triplanar mapping - For the detailed break down of the technique, have a look at my blog post.
Shahriar Shahrabi Open Source

ScrollToSelectionBehaviour.cs - Moves the Content transform so the current selected object will be inside the Viewport rect. [View the tweet for a visual]
Zalán Kórósi Open Source

Cards - See the preview
• Uses CardHandController.cs (and Card.cs) scripts to set position/rotation for a hand of cards based on curve, and allows for interactions with mouse.
• Intended to work in 3D. Doesn't really work that well with UI due to scaling differences. Worldspace UI or Screenspace-Camera might work?
• Can drag to reorder cards in hand. Drag a card outside the hand bounds and it starts tilting/wobbling based on mouse movement velocity.
• Releasing a card outside of the hand will trigger it to be used, and applies a dissolve shader effect.
• Card model, shadergraph and example scene setup included.
Cyan Open Source

Blit Renderer Feature - Based on the Blit from the UniversalRenderingExamples Extended to allow options for :
• Specific access to selecting a source and destination (via current camera's color / texture id / render texture object
• Automatic switching to using _AfterPostProcessTexture for After Rendering event, in order to correctly handle the blit after post processing is applied
• Setting a _InverseView matrix (cameraToWorldMatrix), for shaders that might need it to handle calculations from screen space to world.
Cyan Open Source

Scene Pilot - LAUNCH SALE! Get 50% for the first two weeks! Only $5, regular price will be $10 thereafter. Fly around your scene in a fast and fun way! If only you could just click where you want to go, and suddenly be there? Now you can! It's like Fast Travel for the Unity Editor. If you're like us, you get frustrated having to WASD your way over to a far away spot as the scene view slowly accelerates in speed.
Just hover over the Scene View and hit SHIFT+CTRL (configurable) and you'll see a preview box pop up with your destination. Right Click and BAM! You're there!
ShrinkRay Entertainment Affiliate

Exclusive promotion: 50% off assets for Unity Student users - Level up your Unity skills by pairing the free Unity Student license with a collection of A+ assets at 50% off. The Back to School 2020 offer is exclusively available to student users, and includes over 150 popular Unity Asset Store packages. You’ll find time-saving tools, art assets to help you realize your creative vision, and Editor add-ons to unlock efficient workflows.
Unity Affiliate


Creating a Game with Makey Makey, Unity, OpenCV and a Banana Gun
Creating a Game with Makey Makey, Unity, OpenCV and a Banana Gun - Pavel Efremov shared the story of creating a small non-commercial shooter game in the Rick and Morty universe using Makey Makey, Unity, OpenCV, and a banana.
[You can download and play the game from itch.io]
80 Level

End Of Summer Sale
End Of Summer Sale - The End of Summer Sale just launched in the Humble Store. Save up to 90% off on great games!
Humble Store Affiliate

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