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Game Dev Digest Issue #107 - Parkour! (and More)

Game Dev Digest Issue #107 - Parkour! (and More). The latest from the free weekly Unity3d/gamedev newsletter.

Mike Marrone, Blogger

August 20, 2021

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Issue #107 - Parkour! (and More)

Dialogue, input systems, parkour controllers, and much more. Enjoy!

How to make a Minimap in 60 SECONDS! - An animated minimap tutorial.
Code Monkey @UnityCodeMonkey

5 ways to draw an outline - Rendering outlines is a technique that is often used in games either for aesthetic reasons or for supporting gameplay by using it for highlights and selections around an object. For example in the game Sable, outlines are used to create a comic-book-like style. In The Last of Us, outlines are used to highlight enemies when the player goes into stealth mode.
Alexander Ameye

Lit Toon Shader Graph - Here is my Lit Toon Shader Graph, I've made a Toon Shader Graph a few years ago, but that one was very basic and didn't support shadow receiving like this one.
Minions Art

Object-Oriented Entity-Component-System Design - As it turns out, using ECS where it shines but mixing in some object-oriented principles makes for a powerful software design. [also, the Hacker News discussion]

Level Design in Unity: Witch’s Cauldron - 3D artist KKamjang discussed the process of designing Witch’s Cauldron in Unity.

Unity Editor Tools: The Place Objects Tool part 2 - In this post, we’ll complete the Place Objects Editor Tool from the previous post. In the last post, we covered the main tool functionality. Now we need to build the UI and capture the editor events that make it work. To wrap it up, we’ll add a custom context menu.
Bronson Zgeb

Unity 2021.2.0 Beta 8 - Unity 2021.2.0 Beta 8 has been released.


The Beauty of Bézier Curves
The Beauty of Bézier Curves - Bézier curves - how do they do? They're used for animation, text rendering, and all sorts of curved shapes! But how do they actually work? well, like, that's what the video is about, so, watch it to find out etc!!
Freya Holmér

Create Dialogue system for your game! | Unity tutorial - This tutorial/guide will show you how to create a great Dialogue system - from a simple UI design to advanced triggers that allow you to open different messages from each character on the map.
Coco Code

Input System Modifiers Explained | ButtonWithOne/TwoModifiers and Custom Composites - Unity - Learn what Unity's Input System Modifiers are, how to use them, how to dynamically make and use them, and how to make a custom modifier or custom composite!

Gyroscope Parallax Effect For 2D Android Or iOS Game Made With Unity Software - In this video I show you a very simple way to create super cool parallax effect for you your 2D game made With Unity software. This feature will work both for Android and iOS.
Alexander Zotov

First Person Animations With Weapons - FPS Game With Unity & Blender - In the tenth episode I show you how to make some pretty easy and cool animations for our FPS arms and weapons.
Single Sapling Games

InGame Tilemap Editing - PART 3: Different Tilemaps - 2D Level Editor with Unity - Tutorial - In this tutorial series you will learn how you can create an ingame UI where your players can draw on a grid. We are going to use Unitys Tilemaps and there will be a lot of coding involved.

Multiplayer Roguelike | Unity Devlog EP. 1 (with Mirror Networking) - Game development video made in Unity with Mirror Networking. My first Unity Devlog for my Multiplayer Roguelike Dungeon Crawler that I started earlier this month. Just a for-fun project for now, but I'll keep working on it and making video updates throughout the year.


Prototype Your Project Mega Bundle Sale
Prototype Your Project Mega Bundle Sale - This Mega Bundle sale runs through August 31, 2021, and users can save more than 95% off three curated sets of top quality assets and tools, perfect for designing the user journey of their game in a purposeful way.

The assets included in this sale are perfect for users who are looking to save time and quickly start working on their project.

$9.99 Bundle - save up to 71%
This bundle contains: Footstep SystemMedieval Farm Tools, and Easy State.

$14.99 Bundle - _save up to 88% _
This bundle contains everything from the $9.99 bundle, plus Modular Sci-Fi WeaponsPBR Modular Mechs v3BulletPro - 2D Projectile Workspace, and Gun & Explosion Sounds.

$19.99 Bundle - save up to 95%
This bundle contains everything from the $9.99 and $14.99 bundles, plus Spells PackNature Package - Forest EnvironmentClassic RPG GUIEasy Character MovementFilo - The Cable SimulatorMelee Warrior AnimationsEnemy Vision - Patrol and Line of SightEnviro Lite - Sky and WeatherTop-Down Dungeons II, and Snow VFX.
Unity Affiliate

Dynamic Parkour System - Dynamic Parkour System is a FREE plugin for Unity that allows anyone to import any model and have an already working controller with parkour capabilities like in Assassin's Creed games.
Èric Canela Open Source

Locus Bundle System For Unity - Simple Unity Addressables Alternative That Supports Synchronized API.
locus84 Open Source

UBind [Preview] - UBind is a value binding component for Unity, which is used to quickly realize the association binding between UI and logical data.
ls9512 Open Source

Ibralogue - Ibralogue is a simple and extendable dialogue system library for Unity. Dialogue is written in .ibra files which have their own syntax which you can learn more about in the wiki.
ibra Open Source

Delight - Delight is an open source component-oriented framework for Unity, mainly centered around creating user-interface components that can easily be extended, combined and shared using a text based declarative design language (similar to HTML).
delight-dev Open Source

YAPP - Yet Another Prefab Painter - Tool for conveniently and flexibly adding huge amounts of prefabs to your Unity scene.
Roland09 Open Source

AssetBundleManager - AssetBundleManager can help you manage AssetBundles, such as synchronous loading, asynchronous loading, unloading and other features. And provide some convenient editor tools to build AssetBundles.
Mr-sB Open Source

UnityLauncherPro - Alternative Unity Project Launcher with time saving features!
unitycoder Open Source

CloudOnce - Unified Game Services API - CloudOnce is a Unity plug-in that provides a unified game services API for Google Play Game Services and Apple Game Center (iOS & tvOS). Ease of use is the primary focus for the plug-in, but it also attempts to satisfy the needs of power users.
jizc Open Source

LMS.Version - Managing a videogames version information can be a MASSIVE pain in the butt - especially in the final days close to release when you are juggling release candidates and bug fixes. Sometimes the most helpful thing in the world is just knowing exactly which version of a game you have running on a devkit. This package helps you solve a lot of these common versioning problems and is pretty much ripped right out of the codebase we used to ship Gunsport @ Necrosoft.
LotteMakesStuff Open Source


Killer Bean
Killer Bean - You are Killer Bean, a rogue assassin who takes out the trash in this world, one bullet at a time. The procedurally generated story changes every time you start a new campaign in this third person, roguelike shooter.

[You can wishlist the game on Steam and follow development on Twitter]
Killer Bean Studios LLC

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