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Game Dev Digest --Issue #35 - Animating, ScriptableObjects, Multiplayer, and More!

Game Dev Digest —Issue #35 - Animating, ScriptableObjects, Multiplayer, and More! The latest from the free weekly Unity3d/gamedev newsletter.

Mike Marrone, Blogger

March 16, 2020

12 Min Read

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Issue #35 - Animating, ScriptableObjects, Multiplayer, and More!

It's Friday the 13th, so you know what that means... another newsletter!

A plethora of good content again this week. Animating being one big topic. Shader Graph being another. High Definition Render Pipeline continues to make headlines. Multiplayer content. Scriptable Objects, Addressables, Asset Bundles... too much to overview, better to just dig in below.

High Definition Render Pipeline real-time ray tracing is now in Preview - Along with package 7.2.0 of the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), we’re delivering a preview version of real-time ray tracing.

Creating immersive, photorealistic VR experiences with the High Definition Render Pipeline - We’re officially bringing virtual reality to the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP). In 2019.3 with package version 7.2.0, HDRP is now verified and can be used in VR.

Unity Profiler: How to Become Numbers-Driven With Unity Profile Analyzer - Every game should get a profiling session. Optimally, you should make it happen regularly by using the archifamous Unity profiler tool. But this tool will often give you misleading results for a reason I'm about to explain. Let's see how to be more accurate using the new Unity Profile Analyzer.
The Gamedev Guru

ScriptableObjects and Addressables - If you use ScriptableObjects and Addressables, your Addressables will create duplicates of your objects. I use them to store game state in a modular way and this is broken. Here is a post with my fix.

Managing AssetBundles assets references in Unity - If you use asset bundles, you probably sacrificed the possibility to drag and drop assets in the editor and learned to use strings instead to reference your assets. In this article I’ll explain the solution we put in place to mitigate this issue.
Pierrick Bignet

Paper Shader in Unity - Today’s shader tutorial is about paper. In fact, it’s the first in a collection of posts about paper. Three of them maybe? I’m not sure yet. This one is mostly about making a convincing sheet of paper.
Game Dev Bill

Dotted-Line Shader Graph - It's super simple and can be used anytime you need a repeated scrolling shape or texture.
Ashley Alicea

Responsive Dialogue Boxes - You can create a responsive Dialogue Box by modifying its "sprite slicing" settings in Unity.

Random And Opposite Colors - Didya know you can use HSVToRGB to easily randomly generate nice colors? [Code sample in link. For another color script, check out Dan Marshall's tweet on generating an opposite color].
Lotte May

Buttons with animated shine - tiny tutorial: Make shiny buttons using a UI mask.

Creating 2.5D Games in Unity, Part 5 – Cinemachine Control Zones - In this part, we will combine various camera design methods using Cinemachine. First, we will create a basic camera the follows our character. Next, we will create control zones that change camera properties like zoom when the character is inside it. After that, we will add a track and a dolly camera. And last, we will configure the camera to follow two or more characters.

Commandos cone of sight in Unity3D - This project shows how to implement Commandos cone of sight fx in Unity3D. This effect is also present in other games such as Desperados, Shadow Tactics or Brawl Stars. It is implemented using a secondary camera depth texture instead of raycasting. This camera is attached to the soldier, which allows the effect to be accurate in terms of what the character could actually see.

Planet (Faux) Gravity Tutorial - This tutorial will teach you how to create Planet Gravity effect like Super Mario Galaxy in Unity3d.

Swarm of Fireflies in Unity - I’d like to show you how to code the movement of an organic looking swarm of flies in Unity.
Ondrej Paska

C4D Cineware Plugin For Unity - Maxon has recently released a new integration plugin for Unity called Cineware. The tool lets users integrate Cinema 4D scenes into Unity including geometry, materials, lights, and cameras. You don't need a Cinema 4D license to import translated files into the editor. You just need to make sure that Cinema 4D scenes have been saved for Cineware.
80 Level

Photoshop: Sprite Sheet Generator Script - This Photoshop Script has been put together to simplify the task of exporting a sprite sheet from a Photoshop file that contains Frame Animation data or a layer set containing 1 layer (or a sub-set) for each frame/sprite that you would like on the resulting sprite sheet.
John Wordsworth

Learn to leverage Artificial Intelligence to enhance your Unity projects - Our newest additions to the Unity Learn platform will teach you how to use Reinforcement Learning and AI to solve game development challenges and make better, smarter games.

Crossing into the 4th dimension – how Carl Emil Carlsen creates generative art with Unity - Have you experienced visual music or witnessed a virtual performer dance right into the audience? In this post, we go behind the scenes with an innovative Danish creator who challenges viewers’ perceptions by projecting Unity-generated experiences in theaters and exhibition spaces.

VSCode C# Extension Fix - Microsoft changed VS Code C# extension name over the weekend and so many extensions that rely on it are broken. Workaround here.

glTF in Unity optimization - 3. Parallel Jobs - In this episode I wanted to investigate, if the task of converting index/vertex data from binary buffers into Unity structures could be sped up by using parallel jobs.

Burst Function Pointers Performance - Last week we took a look at function pointers in Burst 1.2 and Unity 2019.3. Today we’ll continue looking into them by analyzing their performance.

Notarizing Older Unity Games On macOS - I couldn’t get past Apple’s notarization procedure because of the version of Unity I am using (5.6.7f1). The binary uses an SDK older than the 10.9 SDK. In this post I’ll describe the main problem I ran into and how I solved it. Hopefully it will help someone else.

Grow your mobile game with this free monetization course - After you’ve worked hard to create your game, you want to grow it and make it successful. In this free course, you’ll learn how to plan a monetization strategy and explore user acquisition approaches to drive users to your game.

Unity 2020.1.0 Beta 1 - Unity versions 2020.1.0 Beta 1 and 2019.3.5 have been released.


A Link Between Worlds Wall Merge
A Link Between Worlds Wall Merge - One of the main mechanics of this game is that Link can turn into a painting to move on the walls. I wanted to test out and see if I could achieve something similar using Unity!
Mix and Jam

You're Animating Your UI Wrong in Unity - In this video we take a look at why you shouldn't animate your UI and why instead, you should be using a Tweening Library like Lean Tween! [tldr: the Animator will cause your UI to update every frame. Watch the video for more details].
Game Dev Guide

My Adobe Animate To Unity Animation Workflow | Game Dev Tutorial - This this game dev tutorial i will show how to bring animations from Adobe animate into Unity ( flash to unity ) using Texture packer. This workflow allows for sharp and fluid animations.
Lost Relic Games

2D Water Shader in Unity - Learn how to create a water refelction effect in Unity.

How to TURN ON Lights in Unity - In this video we will learn how to prepare material for lights object and use post effect to make the look like "Lights" You will learn how to use Emission Map in Unity's built in, High Definition and Universal Render Pipeline.
Unity Guruz

Unity Shader Graph - Galaxy Shader Tutorial - The Galaxy Shader can be used in different objects, it’s even used in skins for champions, weapons or even potions, why not? And accompanied with a few particle systems it can look pretty interesting, specially with a simple Plexus effect going on.
Gabriel Aguiar Prod.

Procedural Road made with Unity Shader Graph (Tutorial) - My mateys, a new tutorial on Shader Graph Procedural Road is here!
Roman Papush

MAKING TERRAINS & LANDSCAPES with Unity 2019! – Beginner's Guide - How do you make terrains and landscapes with Unity 2019? Let's check it out!

Stop Using Singletons With Runtime Set ScriptableObjects (Unity Tutorial) - In this Unity ScriptableObject tutorial we will explore the concept of Runtime Sets introduced by Ryan Hipple of Schell Games in his Unity 2017 talk Game Architecture with Scriptable Objects. We'll look at how can use ScriptableObject in Unity3d to replace singleton patterns in your game, avoid race conditions and spaghetti code.
Matt MirrorFish

Copy and Paste Components from Different Types of Inherited Scripts. - Learn how to copy components from one type of derived script to a different type of derived script where they both inherit from the same type.
Mark Sweeney

Modular Character System in Unity (Move, Attack, AI, Pathfinding) - Let's make a Modular Character Controller where we can build Modules (Movement System, AI, Pathfinding) and compose them to make our Character Controller! This is also an excellent exercise in learning how to write clean code.
Code Monkey

Unity Job System — A Practical Code Example - In this video, we'll use the Unity Job System to optimize some CPU-intensive code.
Infallible Code

Local Co-op in Unity using the New Input System - Tutorial - In this video I show you how to use the new Input System package in a unity project as well as how to setup multiple input devices for a local multiplayer setup. I will walk you through everything from setting up Unity to use the new Input system, how to convert your old scripts to read input using the new input system interface, as well as one approach to setting up local co-op for a game.
Broken Knights Games

How To Make A Multiplayer Game In Unity - Lobby - Main Menu - A tutorial on creating a multiplayer lobby, with networking code sample.
Dapper Dino


Grow Your Skills Mega Bundle
Grow Your Skills Mega Bundle - Save up to 90% when you expand your Unity skills with a curated toolkit of top-quality Editor add-ons and art assets for building amazing games and experiences. These Mega Bundles are perfect for anyone looking to level up their Editor abilities or master something new. For the first time, we’re also including a twelve-month subscription to Unity Learn Premium so you can access interactive live sessions and learning content created by Unity to grow your skills.

Get the most out of your assets with 12 months of Unity Learn Premium ($99 value) and save 90%. This package includes popular assets like Playmaker, DarkTree FPS, graphics packages from Synty Studios, and much more. Valued at $1056.92.
Unity Asset Store Affiliate

HUMBLE LEARN TO CODE BUNDLE - Learn how to code with this comprehensive bundle! Featuring the most popular programming tools and languages in the industry, you’ll learn all you need to start building games, apps, and websites, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Unity, Python, Java, and more!

Humble Bundle Affiliate

BezierMeshRenderer.cs - 3D Bezier Curve Mesh Generator.
MartinRedzepovic Open Source

LeanTween - LeanTween is an efficient tween engine that offers a many of the same features as the other tween engines (and more!) while having much less overhead. Used in Pokemon Go! FREE.
Dented Pixel Affiliate

cscore - cscore is a lightweight library providing commonly used helpers & patterns for your C# projects like events, injection logic, logging and much more (examples below). It can be used in both pure C# and Unity projects. All components are loosely coupled so that components can be used individually when needed without deep knowledge about the full cscore library required. [now with a new localization system].
CsUtil.com Open Source

EntitySelection - A minimal solution for selecting entities in the unity sceneview (DOTS games). It works both in play mode & edit mode.
Jonas De Maeseneer Open Source

Scratch Card - Easy-to-use asset, which allows you to create scratch cards!
Konstantin Saetsky Affiliate


Zealot - Zealot is a top down action / adventure game where the player takes charge of a fallen priest, the sole survivor of a long ruined Orthodox colony who awakens to a holy mission, to cleanse the heretical Paganism plaguing the land and renew the one true faith.

In order to accomplish this endeavor, he shall arm himself with the tools to quench any and all resistance.

Active Combat - Each enemy has different attack patterns that can be taken advantage of by correct positioning, dodging and through correct timing of combos to deal bonus damage;

Open World - The game world is mainly subdivided into 4 main areas, and it’s up to the player’s choice where to start and finish their holy quest;

Metroidvania Exploration - Every area has secrets and blocked sections that can only be explored with the correct tool, rewarding exploration outside of the beaten path;

Progression System - There are various remnants of lost arms from ages past that the player can recover and reforge into powerful new weapons and upgrades through a unique blacksmithing system based on following detailed forging instructions;

Read more on the devlog.
Prime Cut Games

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