Finding the UI for a Restaurant Simulator Thriller

Every played a restaurant simulator thriller? Neither have we. That might be why it's so hard to find the right UI. Please check out this blog to find our more about Harry's Burgers and then let us know which UI you prefer!

Finding the UI for a Restaurant Simulator Thriller

Have you ever played a restaurant simulator thriller? Neither have we, which is probably why we're finding it so hard to pick the right UI for our upcoming title, "Harry's Burgers". In this blog, we'll let you know more about the game in the hope you might be able to recommend one of the UI options in the image below. 


The Game: What Is It and How Should It Feel?

So the game, which follows a week in the life of burger shop owner Harry Walters, will offer players a haunting story-driven experience with addictive cooking mechanics. It’s our way of pushing the ‘walk-em-up’ genre forward; preserving the quality storytelling but linking it to more engaging gameplay.

Through a daily routine across three main settings, “Harry’s Burgers” will see players fighting to keep the shop running while protecting Harry’s family from a serial killer plaguing the town. Inspired by the likes of Papers PleaseThe Shining and Bloodline, our intercontinental team is committed to producing a patty-frying, goosebump-inducing experience like no other.

You can check out and our Steam page for the game’s first screenshots, featuring the gritty hand-drawn style of artist Nick Lives (We Need to Go Deeper). While Nick cooks up the rest of the game’s art, we've also prepared a Soundscape Teaser to showcase the eerie work of our sound engineer, Robbie Scott (Baby Driver).


A Favour: Could You Recommend UI?

Now that you've got a better idea of what we're trying to achieve, we're hoping you could let us know which of the UI you prefer in the image above, for showing tutorial messages? There's the 1. Blackboard, 2. Neon sign or 3. Clipboard.


Thank you! Our team thrives off conversations with the industry and fellow gamers so please don't hesitate to comment about anything at any time or to introduce yourself over at 

Written by Scott | Director, Digital Window
[email protected]

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