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Espresso Tycoon – run your own coffee shop with DreamWay Games

Hi! I am proud to present a short description of the game currently being developed by DreamWay Games. Espresso Tycoon is a hardcore, realistic, and extensive game giving you numerous mechanics to manage your business. We would love to know your opinion.

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December 10, 2020

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We all know and love titles like Zoo, RollerCoaster, or Transport Tycoon. We all played SimCity or Tropico. After all, their fan communities can be counted in the tens of thousands. We are pretty sure it is safe to assume such hits will never get boring – just look at the number of DLCs and remasters released every year. There’s no doubt that gamers still want more and more games in this genre.

They want more planning, strategizing, figuring things out, spending resources, and watching their empire grow. Regardless of the vibe and place of action, tycoon games unite gamers who admire running a virtual company. We love to start as a small, local business, which, as we progress, become something massive.

This is the main reason we started working on our newest game – Espresso Tycoon. We believe that in the future it will take a place on the list of the above-mentioned tycoon giants and will bring a lot of fun for players all over the world! Sounds interesting, right? But wait… how does this new cafe tycoon work? And why I should give it a try?


selling coffe cafe tycoon


Shortcut for the impatient!

Espresso Tycoon is a game where you run your own coffee shop. You will have to cope with a few well-known features from other classic tycoon games and with many, many brand-new mechanics thanks to which you will be able to efficiently manage your business.

Manage your employees, buy new premises, arrange them, set prices, take care of the supply chain, solve problems, complete missions, improve your PR, communicate with your customers and develop your coffee empire. Test your barista skills with a coffee editor and create a real bestseller that will win the hearts of your fellow citizens! These are just some of the fun things you can do in Espresso Tycoon!


The idea behind Espresso

We are glad to tell you all about it! You see, Espresso Tycoon is a little closer to the player than, let’s say, amusement parks tycoons. Why? The reason is simple!
We see coffee shops every day. On our way to work, to the university, or during a trip to the city center. We often visit them and enjoy their delicious coffee. Have you ever wondered what it is like to own a place like this? Well, now you can find out. Espresso Tycoon is a simple, but very extensive cafe simulator thanks to which you will have a unique opportunity to build your own coffee empire.


decorate your cafe


Let’s get to the point. How does it work?

Ok now that we understand the idea, let’s talk about gameplay. After all, it’s the most important thing. We believe that giving a player total control over what happens to his business is the best way to keep him entertained. Even if this control is very demanding and sometimes difficult. In almost every business, people are the main element. Without them (and without their money!), we would have filed for bankruptcy quite quickly! So how do you please them? There are several ways to do so!


A few of cool mechanics in Espresso Tycoon

This is where the real magic begins. With the options below, you will ensure success… or total failure for your coffee shop! Make sure you use them in the correct order and intensity.

  • Extensive location selection system – Take the best spot for your coffee shop before the competition does! Decide who will be your client, fit in with students, tourists, businessmen, or others. Will you choose a spot right next to the Eiffel Tower, the university, a skyscraper, or maybe you like cozy suburbs better?

  • Huge decorating and item placing system – you can arrange several cafes and none of them will be like the previous one! Choose from dozens of furniture, decorations, and coffee-making equipment. Stick to your own style and enjoy it!

  • Business management – the very core of the tycoon games. In Espresso Tycoon you can decide on many things. I mean – MANY. Our coffee shop simulator will make you hire, fire, or train your staff. You will decide about the prices and the menu, importing and storage of goods, opening hours, unique rules of every single cafe, and numerous other features.



  • Cool coffee and brand editor – In Espresso you can create your own coffee and sell it to your customers. Choose ingredients, proportions, latte art, or even a cup and show off your barista skills. Remember that guests will rate your work! You can also name your brand whatever you want and choose your own logo. How cool is that?

  • PR and marketing aspect – In today’s world, every business must promote itself on the Internet. That’s it. In Espresso Tycoon you will have to manage your reputation. Take good care of your customers, use social media such as BeanStagram, deal with influencers, and… keep smiling!

  • Missions – Special challenges are just around the corner! Get 100 customers in one day, arrange a nerd cafe, make the most delicious coffee in the town – stay alert, complete tasks, and earn rewards!

  • Expanding coffee empire – of course, the game doesn’t stop at one coffee shop. You can become a real giant with an entire cafe network! The only things that limit you are your imagination and the dollars you have to earn first. In our coffee shop simulator game you can run a small cozy place or a huge empire. It’s only up to you!

izometric coffee shop tycoon


These are of course only some of the most interesting mechanics. There are many more! Every day (and night as your coffee shops can be open 24/7) is a new challenge. The main task of the player will be to stay in business, invest, and deal with random difficulties. Even the most beautiful cafe cannot do without tasty coffee on the menu. Even the best barista will not make good coffee without the right coffee machine – we could go on and on!

Ok, so much for the introduction. We are super hyped for Espresso Tycoon, and we are pretty sure you will love it too! Stay tuned for more information. Remember to follow our social media, join our Discord channel, and keep an eye on our blog! See you soon!

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