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Beast Master - Development Update 21 - Procedural Terrains

Hello everyone! We have been working on our new procedural terrain generation system for a while. In this week’s blog post, we wanted to show you the results of the procedural system and the new features we will add to the game.

Luca Russo, Blogger

April 23, 2021

2 Min Read

Before we start, we want to share some ideas which will change some core design of the game. Firstly, there will be ships in Beast Master. Currently we are improving our ocean system and add new swimming mechanics into the game. Also we will add some underwater content which players will able to explore and gather some resources.

All these design changes began with turning the game map into islands. Each island will have it’s unique biome and creatures live in it. Players will able travel to these islands by crafting different size of boats and ships. Each ship will contain a certain size of creature slots to carry with.

The player starting island will consider as central island. The difficulty of the creatures hosted by the islands will increase as players explore away from the central island. Each island will contain unique resources, creatures, vegetation and landscape. Players will have to visit those islands to craft special weapons, armors, buildings and vehicles.

This is where the procedural system will assist us. We want to create at least 50 different type of islands. Unfortunately we will not support runtime procedural terrain generation. We will choose the best looking islands and work on these to avoid gameplay related issues. This feature only will save lots of time and we think it will help us to create exciting content for each island.

If you would like to ask anything related Beast Master, feel free to join our discord channel from the link below.


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We hope you like this weeks blog and we are looking forward to hear for some feedback. Thanks for reading and watching.

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