"Press, Release." Left 4 Dead (PC) Versus Campaign Update!

Updates on "Press, Release" A new Left 4 Dead (PC) Versus Campaign, scheduled for release August 07, 2009.

A light introduction is due, since this is my first post.
I'll introduce myself as Mike, and I am a level designer, world builder, or anything of that
nature as you would see fit to call it.
All work that I have produced from Quake to Doom 3, Unreal Tournament 2004 to Left 4 Dead
can be made available at request and is also available for download at
Blindphaze Servers FTP Fetch.

I have been designing game levels for 13 years. Instead of gasping, we'll leave it simply at

This would be my first post here, but for a full listing of updates on the Versus Campaign, please check out My blogspot.

I am currently in need of testers for this campaign. No, it isn't paid work, but you'll be helping
a 13 year veteran of level design. I've worked for a short period in the industry, as well as
independently with the following editors: Unreal Ed 2 & 3, GTK Radiant (some people refer
to it as simply Radiant or DoomEdit) and the source editor, Hammer, also known as
Worldcraft to those of us who feel old.

This versus campaign has been officially sponsored by Blindphaze Servers

I have some screenshots available of "Press, Release" as well as level 1 in beta test form
is available upon request for single player or multiplayer testing. Note that since Left 4 Dead
focuses strongly on the multiplayer & cooperative aspect, the level would be best played in
an multiplayer environment.

Please note that this campaign is in its early private beta stages and lighting, design, and
other fundamental elements are currently NOT locked into place.

Photos from Level 2:



Photos from Level 1:

I'd also like to formally thank the testers involved in helping me to build level 1 into a fun,
mostly bug-free gameplay experience.


 Posts for other game levels of mine will be made in due time, as most recent is my perogative. This versus campaign is slated for PC release August 7, 2009.

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