Yoko Taro's global version of SinoAlice will shut down in November

Square Enix calls quits on another mobile title this year.

Come November 15, SinoAlice Global will shut down.  

The RPG from Pokelab and Nier: Automata director Yoko Taro will be taken offline on that date across Android and iOS devices. A specific reason for the shut down wasn't given, though Siliconera noted that it comes over a full year after the game was taken offline in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan in late 2022. 

"It was our great pleasure to bring SinoAlice to the global community, but after three exciting and eventful years, we are sad to announce that SinoAlice Global will be ending service on November 15," wrote Pokelab. 

A brief history of SinoAlice

SinoAlice first released 2017 in Japan, followed by an international launch in 2020. As of today, September 1, iOS and Android players can't purchase in-app currency using real world money. Pokelab added that it'll accept refund requests for the remaining balance of said currency until the November 15 end date. 

However, Pokelab noted that the game must be updated to version 55.0.0 (or later) for players to apply for said refund. It was also recommended that players don't change or reset the phone they played the game on. 

November will be a busy month for shut downs. Along with SINoALICE, Bandai Namco will scrap its online shooter Gundam Evolution on November 29. And at the start of the month on November 1, Gamestop will bid farewell to its NFT and crypto wallet support

For publisher Square Enix, this is yet another game its shut down over the course of 2023. At the start of the year, it called it on PlatinumGames' Babylon's Fall and its mobile spinoff Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. Likewise, the spring and summer saw the end of its Bravely games on Nintendo 3DS and its mobile Dragon Quest title.

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