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Xbox Live Arcade Sales Analysis In Short, May 2013

A look back at the month of May, 2013 for the Xbox Live Marketplace.

No longer doing big analysis, but let's let the numbers speak for themselves!

And here we go, the final list for May 2013!

So for the month of May:

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has done very well, with over 200,000 players in four weeks. I imagine it's also done well on PSN and PC.
Doritos Crash Course 2 added 1,460,878 players to the leaderboards over 3 weeks. By comparison the original Doritos Crash Course added 1,449,359 in 4 weeks - so Crash Course 2 has actually done a LOT better than the original! Now if it's made money is another thing entirely, because we've no idea.
Way of The Dogg did terribly (and got awful reviews) and Monaco hasn't done well either.
- Unfortunately could not follow Sanctum 2 or Hunter's TrophySanctum 2 is the best reviewed game of the month with 81 on Metacritic, while Hunter's Trophy has the lowest with 25.
- Also couldn't follow Call of Juarez: Gunslinger which is a shame. It does have 8,856 players on the "Arcade Mode" leaderboard, which probably means there's a LOT more than that who have played the normal game. Also had good buzz around it at the moment.

Other notes:

Terraria has hit over 350,000 players.
Battleblock Theater is over 200,000 players.

A huge thanks to C4Lukins for stats on Terraria, Way of the Dogg and Poker Night 2, and Lifelower for helping out with stats for COJ Gunslinger.

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