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Wolfram language integrated into Unity and Raspberry Pi

My thoughts on Wolfram language and its integration to Raspberry Pi

Lien Ly, Blogger

December 18, 2014

2 Min Read

Aside from existing scripts that Unity is using in its editor (C#, Javascript and Boo), Wolfram language will soon be integrated into Unity with simple interface (in hopefully a couple of months). With Wolfram language, you will be able to write complex scenes using just one or two lines of codes. This implies that people don’t have to be tech genius to be able to implement Wolfram language in their games. The motivation behind the invention of this language is to make programming available to everyone: democratization of programming. Another purpose is, since the language is simple enough for children to learn, to bring game creation into education. With Unity and Wolfram, the most popular game engine to date used by developers and an easy-to-use language collaborated, it is now easier and more affordable than ever to integrate games in education. Wolfram language is also coming to Raspberry Pi, the Intel Edison, the Intel Arduino Galileo, and other devices. 

Wolfram’s intention to make programming easy, accessible to everyone, and also to integrate the language with Unity is out of the question. I am happy to see that more and more people have access to tools to create their games and bring their idea to life. What I want to focus on here is the language being implemented on Raspberry Pi – RP (and also Arduino). RP itself is also used in education and originated from UK. The device has been used widely in many institutions to teach kids programming. Obviously, Wolfram’s purpose is also to put his language to use in schools, implementing the language into RP is a great idea. Both Wolfram and RP’s creators are game industry veterans, not their sole purpose, but of course they hope games to be made out of it. I am happy to see the original purpose of it how meaningful it can be for younger generations. I can already see how the game industry would thrive in the near future, having many youngsters putting their games to life.

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