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Understanding F2P with the four pleasures model

F2P expert Levy explains the importance of understanding how different player types enjoy different games. He presents the 4 pleasures model as a mental framework for gaining a holistic understanding of players and the pleasures they derive from play.

Ethan Levy, Blogger

December 9, 2013

1 Min Read

This microtalk was originally presented at Unknown Worlds' monthly Postmortem meetup in San Francisco. In the talk, I explain the 4 pleasures model, a mental framework I use in my work as a monetization design consultant to aid hesitant developers in better understanding F2P players. This model, presented by anthropologist Lionel Tiger in his book The Pursuit of Pleasure, explains 4 different types of pleasure:

  • Physio - pleasures of the body and derived from the sensory organs.

  • Socio - the enjoyment derived from relationships with others.

  • Psycho - pleasure pertaining to people’s cognitive and emotional reactions.

  • Ideo - pleasure from or relating to a person's values.

As explained in the talk, these four categories of pleasure can be helpful in explaining the joy derived from games ranging from Candy Crush Saga to Call of Duty: Ghosts to Demon's Souls.

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