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Steam Competition on the Rise – a comprehensive List of Alternatives

While everyone is talking about Steam's monopoly a crowd of new digital distribution services is growing. They come in different sizes, niches and technologies. Here is a list of all available companies.

Sebastian Lindig, Blogger

May 4, 2010

3 Min Read

It’s lonely at the top – it really is. Good thing that there are so many new alternatives to the rather monolithic download game business to keep Steam company. Not that Steam had been resting on it’s laurels. They welcome the competition – welcome them with guns blazing. The winners are we, the gamers. So please keep them coming and fill our list of Steam alternatives:

Download to Own – Standards (PC, Mac, Linux?)

Download to Own – Video Consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, Wii, DSi)

Download to Own – Indie (PC)

Download to Own – Retro & Classics (PC)

Download to Own -  Casual (PC)

Subscriptions and Flat-fees (PC)

Game Streaming (All Platforms)

Release, News, Deal Aggregators (All Platforms)


Sorry, if I forgot someone. Just drop me a comment.

More info and some shop reviews can also be found here.

Update [May, 16th 2010]

Shops Added

Categories Added

  • Indie

  • Casual


Update [May, 18th 2010]

Shops Added

  • Aspyr (Mac only)

  • Green Man Gaming

Update [May, 26th 2010]

Shops Added

  • http://www.gamessence.com/

Added some company labels for stores.

Sorry, if I missed someone. Just drop me a comment.


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