Roblox's Meta Quest beta hits over 1 million downloads in a week

The beta version of the popular creation platform is already making waves over on Meta's Quest devices.

Within a week, the beta versions for Roblox on Meta VR devices surpassed over 1 million downloads. Roblox Corp. CEO David Baszucki called it "another step towards Roblox everywhere, on all devices."

The popular creation platform just released for the Meta Quest 2 and the new-ish Meta Quest Pro headsets, albeit via App Lab rather than a native app. While Roblox has existed on various VR devices since 2016, its release on the Quest headsets comes as Meta is working to become a larger player in the VR space, particularly for games.

While Roblox is currently in beta on the headsets, that it's able to reach such a milestone in such a short time bodes well for the success of the full version whenever that releases. In this year alone, young adults and older teenagers especially have been flocking to Roblox in droves.

What's next for Roblox and other game platforms

Beyond Meta, Roblox's future may soon involve PlayStation. During Microsoft's FTC trial in late June, Sony Interactive Entertainment's Jim Ryan revealed that the company was working at bringing the creation title to Sony's console. 

Console-wise, the game only exists on the Xbox One. Sony has reportedly previously shied away from having Roblox touch the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 because of those consoles' young userbase, and the title has come under fire for trying to encourage said audience to spend real-world money

But Roblox keeps growing in terms of player base and revenue, and its Meta turn may further increase that revenue stream. At this point, it's a matter of 'when,' not 'if' Sony will cut a deal in order to boost its third-party revenue.

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