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Roblox game Momoguro is being adapted for TV

The popular creation platform is entering the transmedia space with its Baobab Studios' Momoguro RPG franchise.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

January 31, 2024

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Teaser image for the upcoming animated series Momoguro.
Image via Baobab Studios/9 Story Media Group.

At a Glance

  • Adapting a game inside of a game may create a new type of adaptation hole for the game industry's transmedia plans.

Roblox is making the jump to television through the player-created Momoguro games. Developer Baobab Studios is working with 9 Story Media Group to launch a show based on the RPG series.

As the press release highlights, it's the first Roblox game to cross mediums. It's also the first game-within-a-game to be adapted, which opens up possibilities for other game creation platforms.

Like Roblox itself, the show is reportedly aiming for a "Gen Z" demographic. It's a big audience for the creation platform, which will likely take advantage of this when the show is closer to release.

Momoguro sees players use the titular magical power to fuse creatures into powerful monsters and fight. Baobab co-founder Maureen Fan called it "Pokemon meets Voltron," a good fit for kids TV.

Baobab has recently started expanding other properties into transmedia enterprises. Its graphic novel series Intercats and VR short film Baba Yaga are both being adapted for Disney+.

Games are becoming deeper enmeshed with Hollywood, as we saw last year. Along with Momoguro, games such as Until Dawn, Among Us, and Devil May Cry are coming to TV and film in the near future.

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