Question on Pitching a Proof of Concept to Prospective Investors

New developers might not have any idea how to bring an idea to a potential investor or publisher. While getting small projects out on the market via Epic Games Store or Steam is relatively easy, how should we go about bringing bigger projects to backers?

For a new developer, especially an independent “working out of the garage” type, having any type of workflow or idea of how to bring game ideas to publishers or backers can be daunting. So here’s the question of the day: Let’s say that we’re bringing a new pitch for a game to a prospective backer. We know we’ve struck gold, we’re confident about the prototype and our ability to actually build the game. How do we convey that to the backer?


During the pitch we need to make sure that our approach to the target audience is solid, that we have some demonstration of a working prototype and some sort of proof that we can finish the project. Are there best practices or proven strategies that a new developer can employ to help lock in a financial backer or publisher for their game? In past pitches, what has gone right versus absolutely wrong? What more should a burgeoning developer bring to the table?

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