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Marsh Trecking -or- This is Turning Out to be More Arduous Than We Thought

More obstacles impede our progress toward compiling a successful prototype.

Adam Kloc, Blogger

October 23, 2012

1 Min Read

Everyone has their own schedule, yet we must work together to make this prototype happen. We have the rules in place, and have discussed the theoretical backing to the gameplay mechanics. We have run prototyping to develop a simple construct to offer other people a chance to try this idea that keeps us motivated. The problem is, we still haven't been able to meet up all at the same time. 

Last week Mike was sick, so him being unable to attend was reasonable, luckily we had basic pieces to amalgamate our game as a duo. Harris has a bag of dice and I have a notenook to sketch game boards. This past tiem, we ran into a different issue. Harris was, for some reason, unable to attend. Without the life-force to play the game (the small dotted cubes) we were forced to discuss theory only to iron out issues from the playtest we were able to conduct. We spoke briefly after class to discuss we we'll be meeting next. As we continue to pick up the pace henceforth, I have confidence we will be able to pull off this assignment by the end. 

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