Comscore Reveals Stats About Heavy App Downloaders

The latest report from Comscore reveals some interesting findgins about a special type of users called Heavy App Downloaders. For game publishers, heavy app downloaders could be the users who drive the most amount of ad revenue from ads - the ad whales.

You might have already heard the term - Ad Whales. These are users who make the most amount of ad revenue for your app but who are they and what is their profile? The latest report from Comscore has some of the answers.

Heavy app downloaders are ad whales

The Comscore report coins the term "heavy app downloaders" to refer to users who download 5 or more apps per month. What does that have to do with Ad Whales? Simple - most ad networks only pay when an ad impression results in an app intall later on. Heavy app downloaders are in fact the ad whales. Let's see how many users fit into this category in this chart below:

What we can learn here is that 13% of the app downloaders are downloading 5 apps or more but this is 13% of the 51% that actually download apps so 6.5% of all users.

Not all users trust apps that show up in ads

Another interesting finding of the report is that many of the heavy app downloaders don't trust ads to tell them about new and exciting apps. In fact, only 9% of the users name in-app advertising as an app discovery channel for them.

This means that the number of users actually contributing ad revenue in your app is a lot lower than 6.5% and much closer to the 1% or 2% that contribute revenue from In-app purchases. If you are interested in finding who are the heavy app downloaders and ad whales among your users you should check out SOOMLA Traceback - Ad LTV as a Service.

Who are the heavy app downloaders and what's their profile

Comscore gives us some broad strokes about who are these heavy app downloaders. 18-44 year old males index higher as well as hispanic people and gamers.

Summary - know your heavy app downloaders

If your app makes revenue from in-app ads, it's super important to understand that your revenue is generated mostly when users install other apps and this action is quite rare. Knowing who are the users who actively install other apps based on ads they have seen in yours is a critical point of data for app publishers.

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