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Art and Storytelling: what are your sources of inspiration?

Storytelling is a buzzword in the world of art. A gripping story is the foundation of any top-rated game. What if you can't find the right idea? KEVURU GAMES provides 5 top sources to find inspiration for your new game.

Anastasiya Rashevskaya, Blogger

March 1, 2019

3 Min Read

Storytelling has become the foundation of a quality video game that has the potential to construct a virtual world for players and immerse them in the gaming environment. With advanced art & animation tools, designers and artists can create realistic characters and convey their emotions and feelings to the target audience. Children and teenagers often treat their heroes as virtual friends and empathize when they get in trouble, move to the next level in a game or fail to meet the goal. The same principles is applied to adult gamers. When a character has a particular story behind him and appealing traits, we are more likely to get involved. Psychologists call this phenomenon “narrative fallacy”. Humans naturally enjoy stories and find them easier to make sense of. What does that mean for game designers? They must be the masters of storytelling to create a game that will climb the chart. But how are you going to do it? Creativity is the key to a fascinating story. Get inspired, choose the character and go with the flow! We, the team of KEVURU GAMES, have prepared 5 best sources that will spur your inspiration to create unique stories for your games:

  1. Go Back to Classic. Literature is the beginning of everything: contemporary readings, movies, cartoons and even games. “The Great Gatsby” or “The Scarlet Letter” are great examples of outstanding stories that left their imprints in the history of American literature. Millions of people read these works and recognized them to be one of the best in its genre. If you lack inspiration and cannot find the right story, go back to classics and analyze the characters of renowned novels and poems. What makes them so special? Why people love them? Perhaps, these questions will help you to crack the puzzle of a revolutionary story for your game.

  2. Talk to Your Audience. Your players are the major contributors to your stories and heroes. They are your main critics who will vote for the product with own money, likes, and reviews. Thus, the best way to appeal to your audience is to talk to them. Carry out market research and get in touch with your followers. Let them share their stories, and you will find your inspiration.

  3. Share Players’ Interests. For any game designer, it is vital to know the interests of your audience to build a compelling story. If you can’t engage players in the plot, perhaps, it is not interesting for them, or they do not sympathize with heroes. Get to know gamers, ask them questions and find out more about their interests. Perhaps, you will find your inspiration out there!

  4. Refer to Your Background. Everyone has stories to tell their friends or relatives during a family dinner. When you get together in the evening, you want to share exciting insights to entertain your dearest and nearest. Imagine you are a character of a gripping story, what would be your traits? How would you behave? What is your world like? Switch on your imagination and build the world of your dreams!

  5. Find Inspiration in Culture. Culture and history are inexhaustible sources of inspiration. Every nation has legends and stories which are passed from one generation to another. Take a story, frame it with details and build a game around it. Such products attract a large number of gamers willing to feel as a knight in the Middle Ages or an emperor of a big state.


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