Cyberpunk 2077 reaches 1 million daily players

Cyberpunk 2077's player count has now grown to 1 million players per day, announced CD Projekt Red.

CR Projekt Red revealed on Twitter that throughout the week, Cyberpunk 2077 has had a million players per day. That metric covers both returning players and brand new ones, the latter of whom have likely been inspired to check the game out after watching the Edgerunners anime on Netflix. 

"Each day of this week Night City has been visited by 1 million players, both new and returning," wrote CDPR. "We wanted to use this opportunity to thank you for being with us and playing the game. Thanks, Chooms!"

Last week, it was reported that Cyberpunk was receiving a surge of players on Steam, and was now the most popular single player game on the platform. Again, Edgerunners is to thank for this, as the game celebrated the anime's debut with in-game content.

At time of writing, the Steam player count is nearly 74,000 players. The number of concurrent players earlier in the week was at 86,000. When the game originally launched in December 2020, its peak was at over a million players.

Important as it is to know the player count, what matters more in regards to Cyberpunk 2077 are its sales numbers. In its reports about the game's sales from earlier this month (and this past May), CDPR was noticeably vague about the RPG's actual performance.

Going forward, CDPR is focused on continuing Cyberpunk 2077 via the Phantom Liberty expansion in 2023 and other major post-launch updates that will be exclusive to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. 

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