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CD Projekt Red leaves last-gen consoles behind with Cyberpunk 2077's first expansion

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will receive their last update for Cyberpunk 2077 today as CD Projekt Red shifts focus to the current-gen and PC versions of the game.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

September 6, 2022

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The female version of Cyberpunk 2077's protagonist, V.

CD Projekt Red has announced that it'll soon be ending PlayStation 4 and Xbox One support for Cyberpunk 2077. The game's newly released 1.6 update will be the final one for the old console generation as CDPR shifts focus on the game's future DLC and its current PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S versions.  

"1.6 is the last major update for the old-gen consoles," declared director Gabe Amatangelo. This update, he added, is laying the groundwork for future updates to Cyberpunk, including complete overhauls to vehicle combat and the police system. 

Amatangelo added that smaller updates will persist to ensure the last-gen version of the game runs smoothly. But going forward, "all new future features or content will be on the current-gen consoles or PC." 

Cyberpunk 2077's launch wasn't the smoothest, but on last-gen consoles in particular, players suffered multiple crashes and bugs. CDPR has since been improving stability and performance across all versions of the game, and released a true "next-gen" version earlier this year. That new version has drawn plenty of eyes, and improved the game's console sales.

The game's previous 1.5 update earlier this year also didn't come to the previous generation of consoles. At the time, CDPR's Radek Grabowski said to IGN that the game's growing technical complexities were why it would only be for current gen. 

Cyberpunk's first expansion, Phantom Liberty, will also be exclusive to current gen. But those who bought a special Xbox One X console prior to the game's release were promised the first expansion upon its release. It's unclear how those buyers will be affected by CDPR leaving the last generation behind. 

Finally, CDPR announced that mod tools are now available to Cyberpunk 2077. The REDmod will let players create their own animations, scripts, and more in the game, and will be updated alongside the game to keep it compatible. Give it a few days, and like with Marvel's Spider-Mansomeone will have replaced V with Kermit the Frog. 

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