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Zachary Quarles Headshot

Zachary Quarles


After working in the Doom and Quake mod scenes for several years, Zachary Quarles was hired in 2000 by Wisconsin-based developer Raven Software. While at Raven, Zack worked on titles such as: Star Trek: Elite Force, Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast, Soldier of Fortune II, X-Men: Legends, X-Men: Legends II, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and Quake 4. In 2006, Zack picked up stakes and moved to Chicago to accept the position of studio audio director for Day 1 Studios. In this position he interacts with the programming staff to incorporate audio within the proprietary Day 1 engine and tool suite, oversees the audio "vision" for every title, works with in-house sound personnel, creates loads of content, works with contractors, plans out work schedules and budget requirements, and generally goes insane. He is currently working on multiple projects of uber-secret proportions. Contact Zachary via email: [email protected].

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