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Andy Roberts


Andy Roberts is the Managing Director of Scary Fish, Ltd. He has been working in the industry for over 15 years; cutting his teeth on the cult magazine Zzap!64, he went on to freelance for Future Publishing on a variety of best-selling publications, including Commodore Format, Total!, and New Computer Express. During this time, he worked on three of the most successful C64 games of all time: Creatures, Creatures 2, and Mayhem in Monsterland. In 1996 he joined Sony’s European QA Department, supervising a number of PlayStation products such as Crash Bandicoot, Formula 1, and Total NBA '96. A year later, he moved to Acclaim Studios Teesside to enjoy four years as QA Manager, and later, Senior Designer & Producer, working on titles such as ShadowMan, Forsaken, and several baseball games. In 2001, he launched Thalamus Interactive, initially producing several titles for the Game Boy. As well as contributing to numerous other titles, he also worked alongside the legendary John Twiddy on a next-gen remake of The Last Ninja. He can be reached at [email protected].

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