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Andrey Iones Headshot

Andrey Iones


Andrey Iones has 12+ years of experience in the game development industry. He has worked on multiple game titles in varying capacities. He started in the industry by working on technology for pre-rendered graphics for major titles published by Activision and Electronic Arts. Since founding Saber in 2000, Andrey has been instrumental in building the company from a 3-person team to a 90+ person company that has been able to develop industry-leading technology and to release multiple titles. Most recently Andrey spearheaded the simultaneous release of TimeShift on three sku’s (the Xbox360, PS3 and PC). Andrey has a PhD in computational geometry and is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on game technology. He has over 50 publications on computer graphics and rendering and is responsible for several major technologies currently employed in next generation development. Andrey is fluent in English, Russian and French.

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