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BCK Cartoon, Part X

Continuing story and more artwork from cartoon series "The Bottle Cap Kid" or BCK.

Cathy Pyle, Blogger

March 18, 2010

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Continuing story and more artwork from the Hanna Barbara award winning cartoon series “The Bottle Cap Kid” or BCK for which we are currently developing a game for. To see this series from the beginning go to here.

BCK Cartoon Frame 27

Down the Kid soars with clouds of heavy black smoke coming from the rear of his Super Cap.

BCK Cartoon Frame 28

Ha! Ha! Ha! laughs the Spoiler. "You are no match for me!"

BCK Cartoon Frame 29

Quick the Kid shouts to "Jr." adjust the turbo boosters! "Jr." shouts, "Have no fear "Jr." is here!" In a flash Jr. stabilizes the Super Cap.

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