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2 photos for a high quality 3D texture

By now, a lot of video game use 3D textures. Texturing a game is chronophagic. High quality texture for an entire world is almost impossible... almost Since march 2010, a french application can transforme 2 photos in one 3D model : www.photosculpt.net

Mounier Gregoire, Blogger

April 19, 2010

1 Min Read

As fas as I remember my first 3d game, I remember how poor the models were.

I was playing on Atari 1040 STE. 3D was THE new challenge ! What a pleasure playing a Falcon with 2 guns ... killing other planes and tanks !

We had so many good time try to Loop the plane, or to go as near of the ground as we could. We were able to go under a foor-legs bridge ...

Ok, tanks were parallepide, plane were triangle, floor was just a flat bitmap

then I played a lot of game. One of all, Doom. And there, I've seen some strang things happening ... I couldn't go behind monster. They had no back 

It was an other time ... when I walk to close to a wall, I could see the graphic's hand pixels.

Then, Computer were not able to give the power of making realistics 3D.

Later on, I played so good game : unreal Tournament, Morrowind, oblivion ... same trouble. If I hit a rope, the mouvement is so realist, but walls do not look as my own flat room.

Now, with Gb accelerating 3D video card ... there is no excuse ... so why do game keep doing so low 3D quality texture ? I've tried a 2D to 3D texturing software that really rocks ! www.photosculpt.net


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