Nvidia offers AndroidWorks middleware for all Android devs

Regardless of whether or not the device you're targeting includes an Nvidia Tegra chip, you can use the company's new suite of tools.

Nvidia unveiled the latest generation of its Shield at Google I/O, and it's a high-powered console this time around; alongside that announcement, however, the company has put together a package of developer tools called AndroidWorks, and released them into the wild.

AndroidWorks is the mobile counterpart to Nvidia's GameWorks package. The tools will work with all Android devices -- not just ones that feature the company's Tegra chips, which marks a change from its earlier tools offerings in the Android space.

The full download includes:

  • Nsight Tegra 3.0, Visual Studio Edition
  • Tegra Graphics Debugger 2.0
  • Tegra System Profiler 2.3
  • PerfKit 4.4 support
  • CUDA 7.0 on NVIDIA Tegra X1 devices
  • CUDA 6.5 on NVIDIA Tegra K1 devices
  • Nvidia GameWorks OpenGL Samples 2.11

Clearly, there's still a bias toward the Tegra. For the full rundown on what you get and what it does, head over to Nvidia's developer page.

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