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Nintendo is offering up to $20k to folks that track down Switch vulnerabilities

Nintendo has extended the scope of its HackerOne Bug Bounty campaign to offer cash rewards to those who track down certain Switch exploits and vulnerabilities.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

April 11, 2017

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Nintendo has extended the scope of its HackerOne-powered bounty on security exploits to offer rewards to anyone that finds and reports vulnerabilities for its latest console, the Nintendo Switch.

The program originally kicked off late last year and offered cash rewards between $100 and $20,000 for finding and documenting vulnerabilities and security exploits for Nintendo’s line of 3DS handhelds. 

Now, as discovered by Perfectly Nintendo, that same program applies to the Switch. Nintendo is particularity interested in tracking down specific Switch vulnerabilities in both the system itself and in Nintendo-published Switch applications, as well as vulnerability information that can prevent piracy, cheating, and cloning. 

Just as before, only the first reporter of an exploit is eligible for a cash payout and there is a specific reporting template with exactly what you’ll need to document if submitting vulnerability information to Nintendo.

Since the initial campaign kicked off last December, three individuals have received bounties for recording 3DS exploits, though the specific payout or the vulnerabilities themselves haven’t been disclosed.

For more information on the reporting process and details on exactly what kinds of exploits Nintendo is interested in, take a look at the company’s HackerOne bug bounty campaign

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