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Have a look at Atomontage's voxel tech, built to replace polygons

The Atomontage voxel tech has been in R&D for over 15 years, and will be available for use by multiple industries sometime next year.

Alex Wawro, Contributor

April 9, 2018

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Today the folks at Atomontage, Inc. announced the company was officially A Thing, with a core team now working to support cofounder Branislav Siles' long-running quest to build a scalabe, competitive platform for generating interactive 3D environments out of voxels.

This is a big deal because Siles has been working on this project for at least as far back as 2011, and probably longer; a press release sent to media claims the Atomontage voxel tech has been in R&D for over 15 years, and is intended to be available for use by other companies sometime next year. 

It's neat tech (you can see the company's latest sizzle reel embedded above) that Atomontage believes should supplant traditional 3D graphics production, since it claims carving and smoothing 3D assets out of volumetric pixels (aka voxels) is much easier and more intuitive than trying to build them by, say, stacking a bunch of hollow meshes together.

"We’re unlocking the potential of the volumetric computer graphics paradigm to make it possible for people to enjoy and edit deeply interactive 3D environments with little to no technical experience," stated Siles in a press release. 

"Running our software, common computers can now process enough voxels to make their traditionally blocky appearance almost vanish, while still being fast enough for VR and AR. We have been able to break through long-standing technical barriers to create more richly detailed simulations at a scale and resolution way beyond what’s previously been thought possible."

With that in mind, Siles is now joined at Atomontage by cofounder and experienced game dev Dan Tabar, alongside game developer Trevor Snowden and advisors/pre-seed investors Tommy Palm (chief of Resolution Games), Squanch Games cofounder (and Rick & Morty co-creator) Justin Roiland, and Dr. Laszlo Tabar.

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