Get a job: PikPok is hiring a Sr. Programmer

PikPok is looking for a talented Sr. Programmer to join it at its New Zealand-based development studio.

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Sr. ProgrammerPikPok

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

We’re PikPok, New Zealand’s longest standing game developer, and we make great game experiences. We want to create and entertain, while being successful and enjoying what we do, and we’re looking for people who want that too. Over the years, we’ve built loads of games for all sorts of platforms, most recently titles like Dungeon Inc. and Into the Dead 2 on Android and iOS. Our teams are small, and everyone involved can contribute to the decisions that shape the products. We’re always working to build and maintain a safe and fun studio culture.

We’re looking for a talented Senior Programmer who knows how to work with people and write high quality code. Games are collaborative exercises, and we want someone who’ll succeed through their interactions with all disciplines, not just other programmers. You should have lots of experience debugging tricky problems, and should be able to design your way to a solution - whatever might come across your desk. You should also have prior knowledge of game development, but we’re not too concerned where you got it.

We welcome applications from diverse candidates and those with a range of backgrounds, skills, and experiences.

You’re the kind of person who:

  • Can see technical risks and raises them early.
  • Is a great communicator and listener, with strong soft skills.
  • Can design and build all kinds of game systems.
  • Writes clean, high quality code.
  • Likes learning new things.
  • Wants to contribute to building successful teams with good processes.
  • Accurately estimates work, and can adapt to changing requirements and timelines.
  • Actively works to collaborate with others in all disciplines.
  • Enjoys teaching junior staff, helping them to become great game programmers.

We’re the kind of studio that:

  • Loves making great games.
  • Cares about work/life balance.
  • Uses 1-1s and regular feedback rounds to understand your needs.
  • Can be flexible around family requirements.


  • Fluent in C++ and/or C#.
  • Aptitude for learning new skills.
  • Practices good software design and architecture.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Able to talk through problems and collaborate in system design.
  • Excellent debugging skills and practices.
  • Experience working with version control systems (for example, SVN, GIT or Perforce).
  • Must be eligible for NZ Visa.
  • Fluent in English.


  • Experience in Unity3D.
  • Familiar with Scrum/Agile development practices.
  • Knowledge of mobile game production processes.
  • Experience leading small teams of programmers.
  • Deep experience in game development sub-domains. For example:
    • AI
    • 3D graphics
    • Shaders
    • 2D based engines
    • Networking
    • Physics game systems
    • Tools
  • Experience working on RESTful services.
  • Experience working with and integrating 3rd party SDKs.
  • Experience with content creation tools - Maya, 3DS Max.

Interested? Apply now.

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