Get a job: Petroglyph Games is hiring a Unity Engineer

Las Vegas-based Petroglyph Games seeks a senior level Unity wiz to work alongside the team in developing new systems for an unannounced new project.
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Unity Engineer, Petroglyph Games

Location: Las Vegas, NV Petroglyph seeks a senior level Unity Engineer to join the Petroglyph team for an exciting and cutting edge new project. An engineer in this role will work closely with the lead programmer, designers, artists, and musicians with a great deal of autonomy to develop new systems and gameplay. Roles often shift, and programmers will work on a variety of tasks and can learn new specialties. Responsibilities - Design, implement, debug and document new game systems and tools in Unity. - Must create high quality, high performance code. - Follow coding standards and best practices. - Provide accurate time estimates for tasks and work within those constraints. - Work cohesively with a team of programmers, artists and designers. Requirements - B.S. degree in Computer Science or equivalent. - Knowledge of the Unity 3D engine. - Excellent knowledge of C#, C/C++, Java experience. - Knowledge and usage of 3D math, experience with .NET. - 2 or more years of game industry and networking experience highly preferred. - Must be an avid gamer with a passion for creating great games. - Ability to work independently and to be self-directing. Interested? Get started here. Are you a recruiter looking for talent? Post jobs here.

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