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Get a job: CBS Digital is seeking an Unreal Developer

The team at CBS Digital is looking for an experienced Unreal 4 dev "to help build our look dev and offline rendering pipeline into an easy to use and powerful testing pipeline."

Christian Nutt, Contributor

June 8, 2015

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Unreal Developer, CBS Digital

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Work Performed Description

CBS Digital is expanding into external renderer research for studio look development and offline rendering for select client applications. We are looking for an experienced Unreal Engine 4 developer to help build our look dev and offline rendering pipeline into an easy to use and powerful testing pipeline. The project will require in depth knowledge of the current Unreal Engine 4 code base and tool sets. Do you love renderers, visual effects and television? Would you love them more if they were rolled into one research and development job? If so, we need you.

Employment Description

The position is currently full time work for the duration of this first project. Work must be performed on site and on dedicated hardware. The hours are very flexible but must meet certain weekly core hours. We can speak about the details of the project after the application process begins. You will be expected to work on your own and therein be self-motivated. There will be regular code reviews as well as architecture planning meetings.

About CBS Digital Tools Development Dept.

The CBS Digital Tools Development staff is a small group of programmers with a blend of various professional disciplines. We serve multiple departments and their software and development needs. We research not just software, but technical solutions in hardware, software and new technology. We work with Digital Cinema cameras, tracking solutions, high-end vendor technology testing (Chaos Group, NVIDIA), Community Software Development, and more.


This position requires:

* Working knowledge of git and code sharing
* At least 2 years professional programming experience
* Proficient in C++ & Unreal Engine
* Writing easy to use, and to code, Game GUI
* Professional experience with object oriented programming
* Professional experience with design patterns
* Basic Linear Algebra for computer graphics
* Basic Trigonometry
* Working knowledge of Python
* Work well with client requests and your development colleagues
* Gotta be nerdy, geeky or some derivation of, even if it's just a little bit.


* Experience as game engine developer for published game titles

Please apply if you are excited about this position, even you don’t meet all requirements.

Interested? Apply now.

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