Gamebryo Casual Adds Wideload, Other New Licensees

Middleware developer Emergent Game Technologies announced that it has already signed several licensees, such as Wideload Games (also an Unreal Engine 3 licensee with Hail to the Chimp) and Hidden Path (Defense Grid: The Awakening), for its G
Middleware developer Emergent Game Technologies announced that it has already signed several licensees for its Gamebryo Casual engine and toolset. So far, its customers from the casual and short format sector include Digital Embryo (Summer Sports: Paradise Island), Digitalic (Digimon RPG), Hidden Path (Defense Grid: The Awakening), and Stickmen Studios (Dragon Master Spell Caster). Other notable new licensees include Wideload Games (Hail to the Chimp) -- also an Unreal Engine 3 user -- and Five One Network Development Co., a Chinese social networking service provider. Gamebryo Casual provides software, design tools, and support designed to meet the limited budgets and timelines of casual game developers for all platforms. The suite also has several partner integrations to support additional middleware incorporation, such as AudioKinetic’s Wwise, Allegorithmic’s ProFX, and Scaleform’s GFx. Titles currently under development with Gamebryo Casual span a variety of genres, from action-adventure to first-person shooter, racing to strategy. The developers listed above are working on games for PSN, XBLA, WiiWare and PC. “There is a wealth of untapped creativity in this industry that has been hindered by skyrocketing development costs of traditional retail releases and the limited capabilities of casual game technology,” says Emergent Game Technologies' Sales and Marketing VP Katie Morgan. She continues: "Gamebryo Casual lets us nurture developer talent around the world by giving them the means to bring their big ideas and full featured gameplay to the short format at a reasonable price.”

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