Here's a look at Rare's unreleased SNES pirate RPG Dream

British game maker Rare published a video today that contains developer commentary on -- and unreleased footage of -- Dream, the studio's planned SNES RPG that was transmogrified into Banjo Kazooie.

British game maker Rare published a brief documentary to its YouTube channel today that contains developer commentary on -- and unreleased footage of -- Dream, the studio's planned isometric RPG for the Super Nintendo.

It's worth watching for anyone with a passing interest in game industry history, and it's particularly intriguing because the Rare veterans being interviewed note that many of the concepts and themes underpinning Dream evolved to become core building blocks of the studio's first Nintedo 64 game: Banjo Kazooie.

Of course the video also serves to promote the studio's recently-released Rare Replay anthology, which unearths a number of Rare's unfinished games

If you're curious for more details about the development of Banjo Kazooie, note that while putting together materials for that game Rare veteran (and Dream video commentator) Gregg Mayles took to Twitter this summer to share more early design documents, input maps and concept art from the project.


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