The Outer Worlds, Outer Wilds, and more named Nebula Award finalists

This year's nominees include a handful of recent video game releases alongside nominations for novels, tabletop systems, and short stories.

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America has named the nominees for its 2019 Nebula Awards, a ranking that includes a handful of recent video games alongside nominations for novels, tabletop systems, and short stories.

This year, four video games were nominated in the Nebula Awards’ game category: Outer Wilds, from Mobius Digital, The Outer Worlds from Obsidian Entertainment, The Magician’s Workshop from Choice of Games, and Disco Elysium from ZA/UM.

The fifth nominee in the category went to Evil Hat Production’s Fate Accessibility Toolkit, an add-on for the tabletop system Fate that introduces considerations for both characters and players with disabilities into the larger game world.

Each nomination aims to call out exceptional work in both science fiction and fantasy writing. As such, the listing highlights some of the writers behind each work, including Kelsey Beachum for Outer Wilds, Leonard Boyarsky, Megan Starks, Kate Dollarhyde, and Chris L’Etoile for The Outer Worlds, Kate Heartfield for The Magician’s Workshop, Robert Kurvitz for Disco Elysium, and Elsa Sjunneson-Henry for Fate Accessibility Toolkit.

Winners in this and the six other categories are due to be announced on May 30, 2020 during the SFWA Nebula Conference.

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