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The final barrier to launch has been removed, 15 percent off on Switch.

August 12, 2022

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Feardemic | What mysteries will you discover in the ancient ruins hidden under Siberian ice? Or will the secrets you uncover be the ones buried deep within you? Last Threshold OUT NOW on Switch! 15% LAUNCH DISCOUNT  

In the heat of summer, it’s easy to forget that winters even exist, but the horror publisher Feardemic is here to remind us of the icy cold weather with their newest Switch release - Lovecraftian mystery horror visual novel Last Threshold, which you can grab with a 10% launch discount for a limited time.

Find out how you’ll fare now, by going to the eShop page! Don’t waste time, the 10% launch discount is a limited offer you don’t want to miss.

A nice, refreshing trip into the mountains to save us from the overbearing heat may sound enticing, but there is a catch… The catch is, that you step into the shoes of Wiktor Staszewski, the son of a researcher exiled to Siberia, and follow in your father’s footsteps, into mysterious ruins that until recently were buried in ice. Will you finally understand your father's obsession or let it become yours? Or perhaps you’ll perish on the way, as the tensions increase and conflict tears your expedition team apart? And even when you get there, there is also a small possibility of awakening the eldritch horrors beyond human comprehension that may reside within…

About Last Threshold

"It is good to be a cynic — it is better to be a contented cat — and it is best not to exist at all.― H.P. Lovecraft
It's 1962. Your name is Wiktor Staszewski, and you’re a son of a researcher exiled to Siberia. You were waiting for this moment for a long time, the ruins that became your father’s undoing were discovered under the ice. With your mentor by your side, you’ve set off on an expedition to follow in his footsteps. Will you finally understand your father's obsession or let it become yours? Or perhaps you’ll perish on the way, as the tensions increase and conflict tears your expedition team apart?

Main features:

 Mystery, on the rocks -  Dive into an immersive story centered around an ancient temple in Siberia
 Beyond human comprehension - Experience a visual novel in H.P. Lovecraft's style
 Indigenously, dear Watson -  Uncover an old mystery in Chukchi land
 Like a painting - Enjoy beautiful, hand-drawn graphics
 No choice but to choose - Make meaningful choices and write your own story
If you'd like to know more about the game, please visit the developer's page or the publisher's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. You can also join their Discord server.

  If you'd like to receive a review copy, please contact Diana Biszczanik at [email protected].
    About Feardemic:

Feardemic Games sp. z o.o. is a publisher of computer games and related entertainment products that focuses on the horror genre. Feardemic’s mission is to deliver to its audience quality entertainment experiences that evoke the most interesting and what some believe to be the most important of human emotions: fear, trepidation, and revulsion. These are the feelings that keep us safe and warn us of impending disaster, and in turn frame our understanding of joy, elation, and happiness. 

Feardemic is a full-service publisher and investor in intellectual property and game development studios. Feardemic is a subsidiary of Bloober Team SA and is based in Europe’s cultural capital – Krakow, Poland! https://www.feardemic-games.com/

About Titanite Novels:
Astrolabe Stories is a gaming project of Games’ Development and Research Association GameUP. The main aim of Astrolabe Stories is to make meaningful games with unforgettable stories. They are a group of experienced storytellers and enthusiasts of story design.

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