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SuperPlanet’s Demigod Action RPG 'Dungeon of Gods' has surpassed 1M downloads!

A million downloads partially appeases the deities.

June 22, 2022

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Author: Superplanet

The trajectory of the <Dungeon of Gods>, the Demigod Action RPG, is unusual. The indie game, which was first released globally in April this year, has surpassed 1 million cumulative downloads in about a month and a half, conquered the TOP 3 in Japan, known for its competitiveness, and topped the popular charts of stores around the world, including Taiwan and several European countries. It has also been frequently listed on the Google Play and Apple App Store's ‘Editor Recommendation Games’ sections.
What is the secret behind the indie action RPG <Dungeon of Gods> that has attracted users from 170 countries around the world?

1.Have You Heard Of ‘The Demigod’?
The game begins with a shocking story, saying, ‘The gods wondered what beings born between humans and gods would look like so they created demigods’. The players will challenge themselves in dungeons as they go on an adventure to help their demigod grow and get their revenge from the gods.
2. Drag-and-drop with one finger!
One of the fun aspects of <Dungeon of Gods> resides in the way players only have to drag and drop the arrow keys to attack monsters and gods. Players can inflict damage through consecutive attacks and, as they help their demigod grow, they will be able to feel the thrill of defeating all the gods with one single attack! The one-finger aspect of the gameplay will allow gamers to play anywhere, anytime comfortably.
3. Tired of games with slow growth and action?
There is no room for boredom in <Dungeon of the Gods>. With its ultrarapid gameplay full of amazing action, players will level up in no time! This game is perfect for killing time thanks to its comfortable gameplay and its compelling graphics. As they break through the Dungeons infected with monsters and follow the path to becoming ‘King of the Gods’, the players will actually feel like they are Demigods on the adventure of their lives.
The developer ‘Devbox’ and the publisher ‘SuperPlanet’ do their best to reflect the voices of their gaming community with continuous updates even after its release and it can be seen through the positive responses received from all around the world after they announced big updates such as the addition of new dungeons and chapters for upgrading equipment.
In celebration of 1 million downloads, SuperPlanet has prepared several special events with a ton of amazing rewards such as 1500 Gems and Tickets. More information can be found through the game announcements in the official community (https://discord.gg/Y6j2JRQ6ZB).

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