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Risk of Rain 2’s First-Ever Expansion: Survivors of the Void Launches Today!

Two New Survivors, Massive Levels, Game-Changing Items, Challenging Enemies and Harrowing Boss Fights Available Now!

March 1, 2022

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Author: Gearbox

FRISCO, Texas – March 1, 2022 - Risk of Rain 2’s first expansion, Survivors of the Void, is available now on Steam. Escape Petrichor V—if you can. Survivors of the Void is packed with a wealth of content including two Survivors, an alternative endgame boss, five new stages, an endless mode battling against progressively tougher monsters, and more. 

The expansion is available now on Steam for a special launch-week price of $9.75 USD SRP. Additionally, Risk of Rain 2 is now available at a 50% discount, meaning that new players can grab the base game and expansion for less than the previous SRP of just the base game! After launch week, Survivors of the Void will be available on Steam for $15 USD SRP. 

Check out the launch trailer here, and dive into expansive and informative Dev Thoughts on Steam for additional details on Survivors of the Void

“One of our key design pillars on Risk of Rain 2 was to ensure that no two runs of Risk of Rain 2 are the same, and that’s never been more true than in Survivors of the Void. This expansion crams more content than we’ve ever included into Risk of Rain 2,” said Duncan Drummond, co-founder of Hopoo Games. “I can’t wait for players to get their Corrupted-Void Fiend-hands on Survivors of the Void and to see how our community combines all these new items, abilities, and Survivors to shake up the game!”

Survivors of the Void Features:

  • Two Survivors, the powerhouse sniper Railgunner and the corrupt combatant Void Fiend, join Risk of Rain 2, each with unique mechanics and playstyles.

  • Five new stages give players more to explore and enjoy.

    • The all-new Aphelian Sanctuary, Sulfur Pools, Siphoned Forest, a Void stage, and an endgame stage offer new terrain to traverse and secrets to discover.

  • A wave-based horde mode, the Simulacrum is set within the Void simulation and only ends once players have been defeated. Team up in multiplayer and take on enemies of progressively increasing difficulty levels. As long as one person in the party survives by the end of the wave, the whole group revives to face the next challenge.

  • 40 new items add more variety to Risk of Rain 2’s nearly limitless combinations. Eighteen items are “normal,” with fourteen of these items also having a corrupted Void version.

    • A twist on existing items, Void Items corrupt all items in the same item class and change up their effects in the game. Typically, they become a more powerful version of the standard item, but make sure to read carefully as some of them have unique effects!

    • Additionally, three new interactables create a dynamic experience by affecting the items you can use and encounter.

  • With nine new monsters, two new bosses, and two new Elite types, Survivors of the Void presents many unfamiliar threats to players. Whether you’re facing the fearsome (but adorable) blob Gup or a mysterious, crustaceous foe, learn their behavior to find the best strategy to take them down.

  • An alternative endgame boss that completes the Risk of Rain 2 experience by expanding on the story and lore.

  • New music from Risk of Rain 2’s composer Chris Christodoulou brings the deadly-but-incredible world of Petrichor V to life (or death).

“Almost 10 years ago, Duncan and I started making the original Risk of Rain in our dorm room. In our wildest dreams, we never expected to build such a passionate community or to reach millions of players around the world,” said Paul Morse, co-founder of Hopoo Games. “We are nothing without our players, and this massive expansion wouldn’t be possible without all of you. Thank you for playing with us all of these years. You’ve literally made our dreams come true. Now stop reading and go escape Petrichor V!”

Risk of Rain 2 is a fast-paced, co-op roguelike shooter developed by Hopoo Games and published by Gearbox Publishing. Players can team with up to three other friends, play as 11 unique Survivors, and trek through more than a dozen stages to escape the alien planet, Petrichor V. With unlockable alternate abilities, tons of items to discover on runs, and equippable Artifacts to shake up gameplay, no two runs are ever the same. 

Survivors of the Void will launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™ in Q2 of 2022, with Epic Games Store and Google Stadia coming soon. Stay tuned to Risk of Rain 2 on Twitter for further announcements for Survivors of the Void.

Press assets for Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void are available here.

About Hopoo Games
A small team who started out as two students from the University of Washington, Hopoo Games made their mark with the award-winning indie success, Risk of Rain in 2013, followed by Deadbolt in 2016. Now a team of indie veterans, they launched the hotly anticipated sequel to Risk of Rain titled Risk of Rain 2 in 2020. Learn more at hopoogames.com.

About Gearbox Publishing
Founded in 2016, Gearbox Publishing was established with the goal of helping developers around the world bring their products to market while retaining their unique creative visions. The mission began with the critically-acclaimed Homeworld Remastered Collection for PC, and has since been followed by many partnerships that include tiny Build’s Hello Neighbor, System Era Softworks’ Astroneer, Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few, Norsfell’s Tribes of Midgard, Hopoo’s Risk of Rain 2, and Counterplay Games’ PlayStation 5 launch title, Godfall. Gearbox Publishing remains committed to its mission to entertain the world and become the most developer-friendly publisher in the industry. The Gearbox Entertainment Company is a proud member of the Embracer Group AB family of companies, which is publicly traded at Nasdaq First North (EMBRAC B). For more information, visit www.GearboxPublishing.com.

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