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Embark on a bizarre journey and unlock your ever-dreamed otaku romance.  ​​​​​​​Free expansion available at launch!

May 18, 2022

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Author: XD Inc.

How far will you go to achieve the ultimate otaku romance? Otaku’s Adventure is ready to make you laugh like never before, this time on mobile devices! The manga-style point-and-click game presented by Spacelight Studio and XD Inc. is coming today to iOS and Android devices with a 7-day launch week discount. Though Otaku’s Adventure is nothing like a typical love story, will you help this lonely otaku quench his thirst for love by winning the way to a girl’s heart?

The upcoming mobile version will feature exclusive content such as an optimised English translation and new character voice-acting that will take their otaku experience to the next level. Also, it includes The World Just Keeps Turning, a free expansion to Waifu's route where the protagonist will uncover her hidden past and travel through space and time to come face-to-face with more chaos, laughter, and tears. Otaku’s Adventure, successfully released on Steam with 94% user approval, is now out on the App Store and TapTap at a discounted price of $1.99/1.99€ in the following 7 days and will be available at $2.99/2.99€ after the launch week.

Review keys are now available under request — ask for yours!


Otaku’s Adventure is a crazy manga-style point-and-click game that puts you in the shoes of a young otaku whose boring existence is turned upside down by three mysterious girls: Waifu, a not-so-common art student with a dark secret, Gohard, a gamer girl with anger issues and (´・ω・`), a witch whose name no one has yet been able to pronounce.

Based on your choices, you’ll live completely different adventures with the three girls: an intense secret operation to save the world, an unexpected space trip to escape from alien kidnappers, or a thrilling isekai exploration to slay monsters. Each route will lead you to create deep bonds with one of the co-protagonists and experience diverse gameplay such as shooting mini-games and turn-based RPG battles. You can also explore the ingeniously designed puzzles and discover various anime and game easter eggs to test your Otaku-ness level.

A wrong move could lead you to the grave, but if you manage to survive... you could unlock your ever-dreamed happy ending. How far will you go to achieve the ultimate otaku romance?


  • Solve funny puzzles like in a modern version of Takagism’s Crimson Room, and beat 10+ wild mini-games.

  • Meet Waifu, Gohard, and (´・ω・`), three romanceable characters with unique thrilling stories, all 3 characters now have their own dub in Chinese dialects.

  • Unlock 35+ endings in a story defined by your choices, plus a new free expansion that completes Waifu’s route.

  • Enjoy this journey in six languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese), now with an improvement in the original English translation!

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