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Newest Update to Goblins of Elderstone Sees the Undead Return in Elder Graveyards and Streamlines Merchant System

Update released.

February 10, 2022

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Author: Outerdawn

Auckland, New Zealand -- February 10th, 2021 -- Outerdawn has released a new update today in the goblin-fueled survival city-builder game, Goblins of Elderstone, introducing a completely reworked Merchant UI and Elder Graveyards, which create gravestones and spawn the Undead each Winter to keep you on your toes when to setting up defences.

Watch Outerdawn’s Studio Manager and Creative Director behind Goblins of Elderstone goes through game's resource system and the new updates.

Buying and selling is now easier, more clear and more convenient with an entirely new UI. In addition to a new feature that highlights a resource’s price based on whether it’s a good time to buy or sell, the goods that the Merchant offers are also weighted based on how much you need them. Essentially, the more you need a certain resource, the more likely the Merchant is to have it.

Also new with this update, graveyards are now Elder Graveyards, infused with magic that spawns more gravestones, which in turn spawn the Undead during Winter. Individual gravestones have been scattered throughout the map, so you need to think strategically about your defenses as enemies can come from unexpected and ghoulish places!

About Goblins of Elderstone

Goblins of Elderstone is a unique take on the city-building genre with a goblin-fuelled survival approach where nurturing tribal dynamics is key. Your emphasis is not only on buildings and commerce in your town, but on crafting the culture of its inhabitants and making sure they are happy. Treat your goblins well and they will (mostly) listen to you. Fail to meet their needs and expect them to riot, steal and kill each other. In addition to gathering resources and crafting structures, you must engage a layer of diplomacy as you navigate relationships with neighboring tribes, intrepid explorers, bandits, heroes and even gods. Your wits and skill at bartering/bribery negotiations, as well as the occasional pillaging, will help you transform Elderstone from a small village into an empire to be reckoned with.

Goblins of Elderstone is currently available in Early Access on Steam for 19.99 USD / £15.49 / €16.79 

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About Outerdawn
Founded in 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand, Outerdawn was set up as a creative, and diverse centre of game development priding themselves on creativity, fun and freedom of ideas. Working hard whilst having fun, the Outerdawn team is full of passionate people whose diversity adds to the uniqueness of the company culture which thrives on collaboration, creativity and freedom of ideas.

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