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Survive the Early Bronze Age and defend your people's fortress against an enormous enemy army

November 26, 2021

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Author: Hooded Horse

DALLAS – 26th November 2021 – Hooded Horse announced it will publish The Way of Wrath, an innovative RPG set during the Bronze Age and developed by Animmal. An announcement trailer showing gameplay can be viewed on YouTube:

The Way of Wrath is set in a time where the line between myth and history is blurred. After returning home following a devastating defeat at a war overseas, the player must rebuild a derelict fort and unify their people to survive the coming invasion. Players will explore a giant game world, secure resource sites, gather allies, and sabotage enemy camps in the 10 days preceding the enemy attack, then experience a climatic siege finale where all their efforts and choices are put to the test.

The Way of Wrath also features a full character creation suite with playable origins, a survival system involving hunting for supplies and establishing resource camps around the map, and a deep diplomacy system where tribes can be allied with or waged war against. Every NPC has a name and routine and their relationships and fates change with each passing day based on the decisions the player makes, creating a dynamic storyline where every choice counts.

“We have put our hearts and souls into this project,” said Dato Kiknavelidze, CEO of developer Animmal. “We're very excited about this partnership as Hooded Horse has a very unique and developer-friendly approach. They are RPG and strategy gamers at heart, and we instantly clicked with their team.”

“We’re proud to have The Way of Wrath as our first published RPG,” said Tim Bender, CEO of publisher Hooded Horse. “Its exciting mix of strategy and RPG is a perfect fit for our strategic focus, and we look forward to helping Animmal deliver a great game next year.”

The Way of Wrath can be wishlisted on Steam and GOG. More information about the game – including a downloadable version of the announcement trailer – can be found in the press kit. For press inquiries, please contact [email protected].


About The Way of Wrath™:
The Way of Wrath is an innovative RPG set in the Early Bronze Age, putting the players in the shoes of a leader recently returned to their homeland following a massive defeat at a war overseas. Players will have 10 days to unite their people, make allies, and fortify an old mountain fortress before a climatic siege finale where all their choices and decisions will be put to test.

About Animmal™:
Animmal LTD was co-founded by award-winning game and animation creators Dato Kiknavelidze and Sandro Gakhokidze in 2017, out of a shared love of games and desire to push the Georgian game industry forward. Animmal can be found at its website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Discord.

About Hooded Horse™:
Hooded Horse Inc. is a publisher of strategy, simulation, and role-playing games based in Dallas, Texas. Hooded Horse is the publisher of Terra Invicta, developed by Pavonis Interactive; Alliance of the Sacred Suns, developed by KatHawk Studios; Falling Frontier, developed by Stutter Fox Studios; Old World, developed by Mohawk Games; and The Way of Wrath, developed by Animmal. Hooded Horse can be found at its websiteTwitterFacebookYouTube, or Discord.

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