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Witness a jaw-dropping crime, track down clues, catch a culprit, and get a little naughty with a famous real-life model, streamer, and actress in House Party’s wild, sexy, and shocking new comedy-noir DLC!

February 24, 2023

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Eek! Games |

Los Angeles, CA. (February 24, 2023) - Hilariousness, mystery, satire, and sexiness collide this Summer 2023 as Eek! Games, developers of the breakout singleplayer comedy adventure video game House Party, have officially announced another groundbreaking real-life influencer guest expansion pack.

Following a monumental exit from Early Access in July, the launch of the Doja Cat Expansion Pack in September, and announcements for a House Party - Halloween Holiday Pack and House Party - Winter Holiday Pack early this Spring, Eek! Games is hitting the ground running after full release and completely redefining the party genre.

In the upcoming guest DLC, House Party will “flirt with a bit of blood and darkness - add[ing] hours of jaw-dropping new content unlike anything the party has ever seen.” The DLC will also reportedly be compatible with and enhanced by the House Party - Explicit Content Add-On.

In the House Party - Murder Mystery Expansion Pack, an unnamed renowned cosplayer, actress, streamer, and model will arrive, the lights will go out, terror will break out, and unsolved mysteries will come to light in a thrilling new branching Original Story addition that will bring an astonishing crime to the party.

“Early Access is just the beginning for House Party,” Bobby Ricci, creator of House Party says. “Doja Cat was huge. Our seasonal events have been tons of fun. And, now, we’re working with our most on-brand influencer yet. She’s funny, she’s unique, she’s raunchy, she loves the game, and we can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to her story. It will be some of our biggest, wildest, and most experimental content yet.”

According to Eek! Games, the House Party - Murder Mystery Expansion Pack will “bring House Party back to its roots” with more of the edgy explicit content that the game trailblazed the gaming industry with upon its initial launch into Steam Early Access in 2017.

Eek! Games has also stated that “House Party - Murder Mystery Expansion Pack” is a temporary stand-in title for the DLC’s early wishlist page, and that an official title and permanent page will be put into place after an official guest identity announcement and title reveal.

While Eek! Games has been bold with the identification of the guest (revealing iconic leg tattoos and scattering guest selfies in item teasers), they are reportedly waiting for the special guest to introduce themselves to players personally in a custom costume alongside the identity announcement and title reveal this March.

“The next guest has so much love for House Party and its players. She wanted to let our Patrons vote on her casual outfit in the game, and her fans will get a vote on a risque outfit of hers, too. It’s awesome working with someone so passionate about involving the fans,” says Bobby Ricci. “We’re excited for everyone to officially meet her, and we can’t wait for the next DLC to blow everyone’s minds.”

The House Party - Murder Mystery Expansion Pack is expected to release in Summer 2023. It will be available as a paid downloadable content expansion pack on PC. It is now wishlistable on Steam.

To stay up to date with everything House Party, follow Eek! Games on Twitter, visit the website, and join the official Discord. Click here to wishlist the House Party - Murder Mystery Expansion Pack now.


House Party is an edgy comedy adventure game inspired by classic comedies of the '90s. The choices players make, the actions they take, and each conversation they have affects their story, and every NPC at the party has secrets to explore…
House Party's story takes place during one wild night at a friend’s house. Fifteen personality-packed characters and a growing list of self-voiced celebrity guests (including pop superstar Doja Cat, famous comedians the Game Grumps, and online influencer LetyDoesStuff) bring life to thousands of branching storylines, providing endless opportunities for exploration and debauchery!
Learn more: https://housepartygame.com/
Twitter: @houseparty_game
Instagram: @houseparty_game
Facebook: @eekhouseparty
TikTok: @housepartygame
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/eekgames
Eek! Games is an award-winning game development studio founded by musician, comedian, and developer Bobby Ricci. Ricci built a next-generation proprietary game engine with an innovative AI character system capable of creating the most immersive choice-driven game experience in the world.
Although he had ideas to sell the engine as an asset, he opted to use it for House Party. What began as a one-man passion project has grown into a tight-knit team with a devoted fan following. House Party has sold over 1,100,000 copies since its June 2017 release and continues to expand with future DLC and its sequel, Office Party, on the way.  Learn more: https://games.eekllc.com/
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