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Doge Trader is a funny but also conscientious commentary on the state of the cryptocurrency market

“The artist behind This War of Mine goes from war to crypto criticism”

July 26, 2022

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Author: RymPow

Trading crypto – you gain money easily but lose them faster than saying: “such wow!”

A creative collective based remotely all around Poland: RymPow brings an in depth, thought provoking and absurd perspective on the crypto industry with “Doge Trader”. The game gives you the opportunity to became a troubled canine, desperate to learn about trading and making the magic internet money everyone is talking about. Buy low, sell high, read the market and make critical choices to maximize profit.

“With Doge Trader, I wanted the game to be fun and have a lot of replay value, but also to teach about crypto market“ said Dominik Zielinski, CEO of RymPow. With crypto on the rise over the last couple of years, there’s a huge amount of interest in the topic, but a lack of education around it. Perhaps this game can fill that gap and help interested parties learn more about the world of crypto, experiment, and have a good time doing so.

“Is crypto good or bad? It’s neither, it’s just something we will have to live with from now on” noted Dominik.

“Doge Trader” is a mix between a one button clicker, meme game and a visual novel all sauced up with leveling abilities and perks, meaningful choices and resource management.

Experience the ups and downs of crypto through the rise and fall of the market. Analyze the market and time your transactions right. Become a more experienced trader as time passes, allowing you to learn new abilities and tricks!

Watch your stonks plummet as Countries put out a strict “no crypto” policy one after another. Different encounters will affect your trading in various ways, and it’s up to you to keep it all going.

Key features include:


  • Trade crypto and NFTs

  • Level up and unlock new abilities

  • Various encounters, events and meaningful choices

  • A colorful, unique art style

  • Buy, Sell, HODL! Get a feeling for being a crypto trader


The game is being developed for PC and will be released on Steam in late 2022. For more information, check out their steam page  game page, and their announcement trailer

logos and more screens

Contact information
Name: Dominik Zielinski      
Studio name: RymPow
Email: [email protected]

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