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coherence Reveals $10,000 Prize Winners For Global Game Jam 2023

Global Game Jam '23 competition has its winners dramatically announced, $10,000 the prize pot.
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coherence are delighted to announce the winners of the coherence Multiplayer Challenge at Global Game Jam 2023, each taking a portion of the $10,000 prize pool put up by coherence to help support the event. The goal of the competition was to create a multiplayer title using coherence, with prizes of $5000, $3000 and $2000 awarded to first, second and third place, respectively.

coherence would like to congratulate the developers of Room To Grow for taking first place and the $5000 top prize. The team at coherence were impressed by this game's soothing and meditative gameplay that sees you taking control of a pinecone, collecting seeds and then deciding when and where to plant yourself. The game offered fun in competing with friends to get to hard to reach places and the team were particularly impressed with the game’s implementation of persistence in the world -  the seeds you planted keep growing when you’re logged out. 

Which Witch came in at a very close second and took the $3000 prize. The idea of the game is to start with a team of witches who have to cook potions based on recipes by collecting the correct ingredients around the map. However, one among them is up to no good and tries to sabotage (“frogify”) the players, and the recipes! It’s a very well built game that the coherence team had a lot of fun with. 

Finally, Malditas Raizes is an asymmetrical, multiplayer, arena-shooter realised in cute pixel graphics that took the third-place prize of $2000. Players can take on the roles of rabbits or a big potato - the boss of the arena - who has a melee attack and can throw down root-like tentacles that hit any rabbit foolish enough to get too close to it. The rabbits are able to punch and pick up various new weapons that spawn on the map. 

“Myself and the team at coherence would like to congratulate all the winners of the competition and extend our thanks to everyone that took part to create many wonderful multiplayer projects that we had a lot of fun with,” said Tadej Gregorcic, CTO and Co-Founder at coherence. “Our goal with coherence is to make multiplayer development accessible to all and it was really gratifying for us to see developers take our tech and get full multiplayer games up and running incredibly quickly - exactly as we designed it!”

For more information on coherence, or to sign-up to try coherence for free, visit us here.


About coherence
coherence is a network engine, a platform, and a series of tools and plugins for your favorite game development environment built to democratize the way developers make connected experiences. Our mission is to give any game developer, regardless of how technical they are, or the scope of their game,  the power to make a connected game.


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