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Build better bots in  Manufactoria 2022, launching on PC in August

Charming logic puzzler invites players to build a robotics company from the ground up

July 26, 2022

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Author: Manufactoria 2022

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JULY 26th 2022 – Today, developer PleasingFungus Games is excited to announce that Manufactoria 2022 will be officially launching on Steam on August 16th.

Manufactoria 2022 is a charming puzzle game that challenges players to use logic to manufacture adorable robots by creating the most effective production line possible.

Players will begin their new business venture in a humble garage, building basic manufacturing lines that will pave the way to grow a humble robotics startup into a booming megabusiness! Along the way, a cast of colorful characters will emerge to help players on their journey up the engineering ladder.

Using strategically placed logical machines, players will need to ensure that functional robots successfully make it along the assembly line, while faulty robots find their way to the furnace. There are over 100 puzzles to solve, and many possible solutions, encouraging players to compete for rankings in online leaderboards for engineering the most efficient manufacturing lines possible. [Continues below]

Fans of games like 7 Billion Humans or Zachtronics' titles will enjoy Manufactoria 2022’s approach to puzzle solving, offering a set of accessible tools that players can creatively apply to increasingly demanding levels!

Following a very positively-received spell in Early Access, during which time developer PleasingFungus tweaked the game to perfection, Manufactoria 2022 is finally ready to make its way into the Steam libraries of aspiring engineers everywhere.

Nicholas Feinberg, Founder of PleasingFungus Games said: “Manufactoria 2022 is a game which I'm tremendously proud of making. The puzzles are memorable, the difficulty curve is pleasant, and some of the jokes are even funny. It has had a 100% positive reception so far, and I can't wait for more people to get their hands on the full release!"

Manufactoria 2022 is will release on PC via Steam on August 16th, priced $19.99 / €16.79 / £15.49. Interested players can wishlist the game now.

For more information, please contact Adam Clarke at [email protected]

About Manufactoria 2022
A really smart engineer can build robots that do just about everything. Are there any problems that more robots can't solve? You'll find out!

>From the creator of Silicon Zeroes and the original Manufactoria, Manufactoria 2022 is a new open-ended puzzle game. Build assembly lines that push robots around and rewrite their strangely paper-based brains. Figure out which robots will work, and send the rest straight into the slagheap!

Manufactoria has more than a hundred puzzles, but just eight different types of machine to place. How complicated could these robots possibly get?

Getting assembly lines working at all is hard enough. If you're looking for more challenge, though, it's time to make your solutions faster, more compact, more elegant. Get gold medals! Beat your friends, and then make fun of em! Compete for global leaderboards!

Go from a garage robotics startup to a booming megabusiness. Work with a colorful cast of characters to inflict your creations on an unsuspecting world. It's gonna be a blast!


About PleasingFungus Games

Nicholas Feinberg launched PleasingFungus Games in his college dorm room in 2010. His hope was that games which were fun for him to make would be fun for other people to play. So far, so good!

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