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You can start making your own Playdate games in early 2022

The Playdate's been delayed, but you can start planning to make your own games for it early next year.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

November 11, 2021

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An image of Playdate's Pulp SDK

Playdate's post announcing the delay of its boutique portable console came with a bit of additional good news for experimental game developers. Starting in January 2022, devs will be able to access Pulp (the Playdate browser-based software development kit) open beta, with full SDK access coming in February 2022.

The Pulp development tool will allow anyone to develop Playdate games just by using a web browser, while the full Playdate SDK will be the tool of choice for developers wanting to work in C or Lua on Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

"Remember, the Pulp Public Beta can be enjoyed by anyone," the folks at Panic wrote in their update. "All you need is a web browser and an idea for a simple, tile-based game."

Panic hasn't quite spelled out yet how developers can get in on the platform's "Seasons" distribution system, but their website notes that sideloading games onto a Playdate will be "very easy." The Playdate's developer page also says that game-makers can sell their games in "any way [they] wish."

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