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Valve overhauls Steam Mobile App with QR sign-ins and streamlined interface

Valve also says the new app is the "best way to keep your account secure with two-factor authentication."

Chris Kerr, News Editor

October 13, 2022

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A screenshot of the revamped Steam Mobile App

Valve has completely revamped the Steam Mobile App with a new framework, design, and features.

The redesign should provide a more streamlined user interface while bolstering security through the addition of QR code scanning for PC sign-in.

Other new features include a new Library view with remote downloads, customizable tabs, and updated notifications that can be tailored to highlight sales, comments, trades, friend requests, wishlists and more.

Valve claims the new mobile app is also the "best way to keep your account secure with two-factor authentication (2fa)" now that QR codes have been baked into the experience.

"The new mobile app includes QR code sign in, a new sign in method for Steam that allows you skip entering your user name and password. The process relies on the 2fa credentials stored in your phone app, securely identifying you through your mobile device to Steam, wrote the company.

"When you sign in to Steam this way, the mobile app will show you a confirmation page with details about the sign in attempt, including a map and the approximate geolocation of the device you’re signing in to. You can use these details to verify that the attempted sign in is you and then approve or deny the attempt, all from the Steam Mobile app. This is the beauty of 2fa – if your password is exposed, you can still decline attempts to access your account."

Anybody who doesn't want to use their camera will still be able to use their account name and password to sign in, and will also be allowed to use the mobile app to confirm their sign-in without manually entering a Steam Guard code.

What's more, Steam Mobile App users will also be able to use the Authorised Devices page to review where their account is currently signed in, how recently the device was seen using their account, and revoke access if necessary.

Valve has provided a full rundown of the revamped Steam Mobile App's feature set over on the Steam Community blog. The company revealed its also working to update the Steam Chat app with various bug fixes to help Steam users more effectively stay in touch with their friends when they're away from their PC.

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